How to choose the right CRM

CRM software was created to assist organizations in developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers. Customer Relationship Management software has developed from a simple contact management system to a complex tool that assists users in managing sales, marketing, POS transactions, accounting, vendors, and other forms of operational data, all in one easily accessible solution.

Customer Relationship Management may help you locate leads, follow up with prospects, and nurture them along the sales pipeline. Customer Relationship Management also preserves client loyalty by preserving critical information to enhance sales, such as tailoring the experience and offering outstanding customer service. 

What is CRM Software?

The term “customer relationship management” is used to refer to any program that is used to manage relationships with customers. Rolodex was the first Customer Relationship Management system, but now with the help of digital technology, companies can access client information virtually anywhere on the web. Any company that wants to succeed must find a means to coordinate the efforts of its many divisions, from customer service to marketing, to maximize the happiness of its clientele.

How to Choose the Right Customer Relationship Management Software

Since you now understand why a Customer Relationship Management system is necessary for your company, we can assist you in locating the best possible one. When deciding on a Customer Relationship Management system, consider the following.

Know your Business Requirements

You could be here because someone suggested that Customer Relationship Management software is essential for your organization. Having a method to record information on customers and clients is essential, but this is distinct from the need for CRM.

Check Features and Tools

For keeping tabs on your marketing and sales efforts, your Dynamics 365 CRM software should provide contact management, marketing automation, and lead tracking. The features offered by various CRM providers, as well as how data-driven and customer-centric they are, should be considered before making a decision. You should also see if the Customer Relationship Management software’s features and tools are scalable, meaning you may upgrade to a more robust version if your business’s requirements alter.

Test Run

Request a live demo session where an agent will walk you through the Dynamics 365 CRM features and functionality while answering any questions you may have before making a final decision. Choose a trial period to evaluate the Dynamics 365 CRM system’s features and ease of use.

During this time, your sales staff and other team members can evaluate the Dynamics 365 CRM ease of use and performance on critical activities like data mining social media for customer insights and generating reports on interactions. Whether you pay for a Dynamics 365 CRM system or use a freemium version, you should get your team’s input first.

Evaluate the Integration Potential

When looking for a CRM solution, compatibility with the company’s current applications is a top priority. You should consider the compatibility of potential Customer Relationship Management systems with your organization’s other software and hardware systems, such as email marketing tools, project management programs, and email service providers. Ultimately, our chosen Dynamics 365 CRM works well with what you already have. Connecting your systems via APIs will necessitate using a third-party platform to streamline data management.

Contact Vendor

When reaching out to a vendor, you should be doing it to learn as much as possible about Dynamics 365 CRM and contemplate how it can help cover any holes in your business operations. Before making a final decision, you should ask the following questions to the vendor:

  • How well does the CRM perform regarding my unique business needs?
  • How about your Customer Relationship Management system? Can we fix this?
  • Find out how commonly used it is by competing companies and what kind of results you might expect.

Now is your chance to learn about each tool’s hidden capabilities.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Centralized Customer Data

A significant advantage of CRM systems has a centralized database where all relevant parties can access information about your clients. Things like task automation and customer behavior analysis are only possible because of a centralized database containing all of your data about clients.

Increase Customer Retention Rates

Acquiring new customers can cost five to twenty-five times as much as maintaining current customers. Therefore, retaining your current clientele is crucial to your business’s continued success.

There are a few ways in which marketing-oriented CRM aids businesses in this endeavor. When customer information is shared throughout teams, issues can be predicted and resolved more quickly. By prompting salespeople to get in touch with clients or sending them periodic automated emails, Microsoft 365 CRM can also reduce customer churn.

Increase Revenue

With a Microsoft 365 CRM system, you can determine your most profitable clients. With this information, you can tackle each subset in the most economical way possible. If you can zero in on your most profitable consumers, you can improve profits while simultaneously optimizing costs.

Can your Business Flourish with a Customer Relationship Management System?

The more established you get as a company, the more complex and specific your requirements will become. You can be rest assured that your Microsoft 365 CRM solution will continue to grow with your business if you choose a system that supports expansion. 

Before settling on Customer Relationship Management software be sure this is one of its features. You can get features and benefits that are more relevant to your business with a Bespoke CRM like Dynamics 365 CRM. This system can expand alongside your company as it expands. The scalability of CRM software is restricted, and while you may be able to satisfy your needs by integrating with other systems, doing so may be prohibitively expensive.


There is no doubt that CRM is essential to the success of any business. Businesses of any size need to create a plan that considers their wants and ability to pay for them to locate the optimal answer. And even if your firm may only require some of the bells and whistles a Microsoft 365 CRM provides at the outset, it doesn’t imply it won’t go down the road.

It’s simple to become overly optimistic about the benefits that Microsoft 365 CRM can bring to your company. And that’s where Zelite’s experts can help to effectively and smoothly integrate Dynamics 365 CRM software in your company. We deliver relevant insights that help their clients make decisions that aid growth and profitability.

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