How Dynamics 365 Marketing Transforms Business Processes

Is it time for your company to undergo a software transformation? The procedure may appear difficult and time-consuming, but it does not have to be. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Cloud, you can rethink how you automate business processes and how productive your people are. It is easy to set up and use and supports your growth goals. 

One of the numerous benefits of the Dynamics 365 CRM System is managing your tasks from any place, at any time, and on any device. Microsoft business solutions are designed to get your system up and running quickly and efficiently, even if your company’s requirements change. Hence, let’s see how Dynamics 365 Marketing changes business processes.

What Is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing was the very first purpose-built marketing software to be included in the Dynamics 365 CRM bundle, and it assists with creative and data-driven marketing components. Its tools enable users to identify potential leads, set up and manage automated campaigns across channels, schedule events, and track various techniques.

Dynamics 365 Marketing was developed by Microsoft to be fully linked with Dynamics 365 for Sales, in addition to the customer support and business intelligence capabilities. Consequently, all elements of your business automation services will exchange data, allowing for improved feedback and efficiency, with digital marketing campaigns targeting potential prospects, both old and new, more directly.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Rich Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365 Marketing provides a competitive advantage to sales and marketing teams by customising customer experiences, tracking customer journeys, and controlling sales processes. As a result, it enables businesses to form more collaborative and profitable supplier relations and develop loyal customer bonds.

Furthermore, it consolidates all client data into a single location for all departments to access. It also offers self-service for customers across communities and social media. Dynamics 365 software personalises interactions and offers value at every customer touch point through surveys, online forums, feedback forms, and social listening.

Increased Customisation and Capabilities

You can customise and enhance the marketing application to better meet your company’s needs. Utilise the application’s built-in capabilities to make simple modifications and alterations. You can add new features and increase its capabilities by adopting third-party packages straight from the Microsoft AppSource. Since the Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales applications are developed on the same database and platform, various teams can access the same records.

Better Event Planning

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can maintain all relevant information about logistics, event venues, presenters, ticketing, sponsors, and sessions in one place for easy coordination. Create an online event website so guests can scan through event information and updates and register online. To raise awareness, integrate your events into consumer journeys and email campaigns.


Dynamics 365 Marketing provides more features at a lesser cost than competing CRM systems. Microsoft offers three subscription categories with varying levels of access and cost. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM guarantees you get the most out of your investment by only spending on what you require by providing the choices.

Simple to Use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing features a simple user interface, is easy to set up, and can be used on the cloud.

Users can design personalised activity-based workspaces and manage assets and procedures. It is close enough to Office 365 that users will soon feel familiar with the product. As a result, the burden of implementing new software is reduced.

This program is great if your organisation requires employees to use their devices. Through its cloud-based capabilities, employees can access all of their data. The software is available in various languages and has country-specific functions for over 50 nations.

The Functionality of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Email Promotion

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to generate and modify email communications for your leads and future customers. A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create professional emails from various templates. 

There’s also an HTML editor built in, so anyone with coding skills may make significant changes to the style and appearance of the emails. After the messages are delivered, the app collects significant data about when and if they were opened, interacted with, forwarded, and so on. Heatmaps and other complex visualisations can display these data properly.

Event Administration

The event management features in Dynamics 365 Marketing help you with everything from initial planning, publication, and advertising to attendance registration, webinar streaming, analytics, and lead generation. Create your event on the system and enter all the necessary information to plan, publish, promote, and analyse it.

Real-Time Customer Journeys

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can create personalised journeys and customised experiences across email, SMS, mobile, and other touch points in response to customer interactions and events.

You can increase conversion rates and connections by providing timely, personalised communications that adapt depending on customer behaviour. Moreover, you may feed content to the app over several weeks or months, which triggers actions when recipients reply to/interact with your messages.

Easily Connecting With Customers

Your business collects client data over time, even if you don’t realise it. You can build winning sales approaches and correct current faulty processes if you can see and evaluate customer data in a single view. Dynamics 365 Marketing makes this feature easily available to your team and enables more customised and targeted engagements, leading to great results.

The dynamic dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM let you monitor your most active customers and uncover new sales and service opportunities. Guide your team with role-based workflows and processes based on your best sales practices.


Dynamics 365 Marketing is a strong marketing automation platform that may revolutionise business processes by streamlining marketing activities, enhancing client interaction, and promoting revenue growth. 

The platform’s compatibility with other Microsoft applications and scalability make it a perfect choice for firms seeking to transform their marketing processes. This gives you more control over your business processes, workflow, and operations while providing the data you need to create and sustain customer connections.

With the correct marketing tools and know-how, any business can expand, and Zelite can help them. We help organisations automate processes and deal with various Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM products and services. Thus, speak with one of our specialists today to learn what we can do for your company.

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