Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Standard Software to Maintain the Productivity of Your Team

While introducing a new system you have to ask yourself if you prefer using a standard or a customized software. Furthermore your business will enhance and your software should adjust to this further development.

Understanding Standard Software

Standard Software is more like a pre-fabricated software. Off the shelf software that are not established within the company. For many small organizations a standard software could be the best fit for their business and also help them save cost and time. Here are some advantages, when you choose a standard software:

Cost: During an initial set up, cost is a very important factor for any organization. Cost for the development of an off the shelf product is effectively split across numerous buyers and the volume of licenses sold.

Time Saving: The biggest advantage is the immediacy of use. Standard software are practically up and running and thus an instant success for your business.

Wealth of Features: Once you have the software finalized keeping your company’s needs in mind, the numerous out of the box features are easily accessible for immediate use.

Let us talk more in depth on the benefits and scalability of using a standard software (Microsoft Dynamics 365)

Our Expertise in Dynamics 365 and Why Do Business Choose Dynamics 365 CRM.

The definition of “workplace” has profoundly changed over the past decade. Associates of today have grown up with technology. With constant changing needs and high pressure associates are looking to be most productive with all the apps and information they need. Today, organizations are being flexible in hours, work from home, etc. and in turn getting high quality performance from their team.

Microsoft Dynamics has offered growing and mid-market organizations a powerful solution to manage business relationships

Freedom and The Right Information: Dynamics 365 allows workers with the freedom of not only being mobile at work but still being most productive. Also your customers expect the team they connect with are fully engaged no matter what. Dynamics fully integrates with office tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel, so working from anywhere is as productive as being in office. Dynamics 365 is a powerful business tool that can help drive your success.

Unified Dashboard: Everyone is accustomed to using Apps to simplify every aspect of their lives. Dynamics 365 brings together financials, supply chain, sales, service, and operations to create a unified platform for your associates. Centralized data management allows all departments in your organization to work as one .The key to maximizing this potential comes in the “related products” tab in your sales dashboard. 

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Unified Dashboard

Lead Cycle: This enables your organization to improve up sell and cross sell thus increasing revenue potential. Dynamics also provides the gateway for next generation data management through Artificial Intelligence. Dynamics 365 uses AI and natural language understanding to turn customer service data into automated insights which help guide your team to take the right actions. Marketers can improve customer relationship with actionable web and social insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Lead Cycle

Choice of Deployment and Security: Now imagine having a situation where your associate lost his / her laptop that contains sensitive information. This is where security is of utmost importance. With cloud computing your business can have greater security as your data is stored in the cloud. Through Dynamics layered approach, physical and virtual security including access control, encryption and authentication helps protect data on all devices.

Social Engagement: Millennial care about social interaction and engagement. Social networks have shaped the way your associates share ideas and solve problems. Social engagement in Dynamics 365 gives you powerful social insights and puts social media at the fingertips of your sales teams, customer service agents and everyone across your organisation.

Powerful Reporting with Power BI and Dynamics CRM: Dynamics 365 embedded analytical tools integrate smoothly with a SQL server. It helps you to gain complete view of your client at any given time and has advanced reporting functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Powerl BI

Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables full marketing automation built into Dynamics 365. Sales and Marketing are working in the same platform, sharing the same data and improving collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and marketing pipeline


Dynamics is central to Microsoft’s vision to enable every organization to realize the full potential of digital transformation.  Microsoft brings constant breakthroughs in innovations when it comes to technology and brings operational improvements to every department of your organization.  Using the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn Dynamics creates a more secure, intelligent and connected organization.

Microsoft Dynamics not only fits your organizational needs, but also helps you achieve more.

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