Why is Dynamics 365 Field Service best for organizations

If Field Service is an integral part of your business, MS Dynamics 365 Field Service is an end-to-end answer. This can be used to facilitate your organization to manage advanced service agreements. It can even track assets and inventory, manage service orders, and quickly establish and dispatch resources required to supply predictive and preventive services and support.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service management software solutions, you can produce a client service story that spans multiple channels, maximizes your employees’ efficiency, and exceeds customer expectations

Common challenges faced by Field Service organizations

Field Service organizations face many industry-specific challenges that can be overcome using MS Dynamics 365 Field Service.

A few of the challenges include:

– Increasing demand and exceeding customer expectations
– Hiring the right person at the right time
– Timely communication with customers and managing service technicians’ schedules
– Rising operational prices
– Effective resource management
– Back-office delays impacting on the customer

For what Dynamics 365 Field Service is used?

Some of the examples are:

• Scheduling and Dispatch

The importance of any field service management software is to assist your company effectively in assigning jobs to the team members off-site, by managing resources and equipment, schedules, and the location as per customers’ requirements. The MS Dynamic Field Service would provide this function with the help of its schedule board.

• Contract Management

Field service management software makes it easier and simpler to manage and maintain the accuracy of service contracts and install the products across locations using the service templates to work on the schedule and pricing to simplify the quoting process.

• Easy Consolidation

MS Dynamics 365 Field Service, can be integrated with many other Microsoft solutions and services that can enhance the performance of an organization and change the complete data exchange between different users and boost their efficiency.

• Real-time Observation

MS Dynamics 365 Field Service provides field service agents’ with complete information concerning issues, customers, and conduits. Such real-time insight allows them to induce a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customers’ priorities; it optimizes the lines supported by adverse conditions and keeps the customers updated with their service.

• Technician Management

When there is a need for repairs and maintenance, we need technician-specific skills, where Dynamics 365 Field Service comes into play, and it helps to assign adept technicians for the job. The service would link the problems to the skills, identify the technicians with the proper skills, and also monitors the person performing the specified job; such management not only improves the first-time fixing rates; it conjointly helps the companies to complete the services.

• Create Proactive Service

We can metamorphose our companies by evolving from a scheduled service model to just-in-time maintenance activated by the IoT data. We can get 360-degree data of customer assistance with the combined capabilities of Chain Management and Field Service, providing asset hierarchy, locations, and service-level agreements.

• Safety and Adherence

Companies that send their employees off-site need to track, and ensure that the employee follows all applicable safety and liability laws. MS Dynamics 365 partners can build the safety forms which will be made available on the cell phones of the member devices for every client visit. You can also create and store hazard assessments directly with the customer record, so the data is there for everybody who deals with customers or job sites in the future.

How does it work?

Work Order Creation:

Work completion may be manually done in Dynamics 365 or made from a case or chance record, supported by an incoming call, email, portal, or automatically generated via a service agreement. A work order might contain the assigned incident, product, services, skills or certifications required, and territory. A planned incident type assignment will automatically add the tasks and durations of what the field agent should perform to finish the work order.

• Dispatch & Schedule:

Dispatchers with the help of a Schedule Board, Schedule Assistant, or a routing engine schedule can assign the work order to field agents depending on their skills, operating hours, and geographic location. The system will automatically notify the agent or client; the field agent can review and accept/decline the work order.

• Delivery of the Service:

The field service agents conduct work onsite with the help of the application. The work carried out will be entered into the mobile app and forwarded to the dispatchers.

• Bill Review:

The back office reviews and approves the completed work. An invoice if applicable will be sent out, and inventory changes will be carried out.

Field Service management software may be automated to incorporate trigger notifications, and employed in conjunction with a customer-facing portal.

Final Words

Zelite collaborates closely with your team throughout the service implementation process to strengthen your team’s methodology and increase the effectiveness of your business strategy. We have expertise working with diverse field service companies and satisfying their unique business needs across a variety of industries.

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