Web Application Development Best Practices You Need To Follow

If you want to give your users a seamless web application experience then you need to keep certain things in  mind before actual web application development process starts. You should follow the best practices in order to ensure that you provide the most effective environment for web application development.

Plan before Implementation

Well planned out software development allows you to make better choices, which in the end means less technical debt. By planning out the software, developers are able to write cleaner and more readable code. The improvement to the codebase means there will be less chance of bugs and errors throughout the lifespan of the project.

Create Responsive Websites

Responsive web design or responsive design ensures that web pages render correctly and efficiently on a variety of devices and display sizes, from a small desktop computer to a large screen television. A lot of problems are solved if the website is responsive. It will make the website mobile-friendly, improve how it is displayed on devices with both small and large screens, and increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website. It can also help to increase the rankings in search engines.

Develop Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are types of online applications delivered through the web using standard web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. Progressive web applications help enterprises to bridge the development gaps between web and native mobile applications. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are some of the web technologies used in developing new generation apps. It accesses native mobile platform and device features to deliver native ape-like personalized user experiences. Google even recommends enterprises to improve conversion rates by building a progressive web app.

Choose and Implement a RIGHT CMS

For enterprises, a website is a point of contact and communication for their potential customers. Therefore, Enterprises need the right kind of CMS to update and manage content on their website. 

Content management systems (CMS) allow administrators to control and manage digital content quickly and easily. The CMS allows an administrator to change the look, feel, content, and functionality of the website immediately. In the future, enterprises can easily manage the website content by integrating a CMS with the website at the time of development.

Create User Friendly UI

User-friendly navigation and a user-friendly interface decrease search time and improve satisfaction, allowing the user to meet his needs quickly and efficiently. This increases sales volume, improves customer loyalty, and reduces costs and resources. Typography even appears to affect the mood and perception of users. Web designers must experiment with a variety of typography options and pick the one that makes their website stand out from the crowd.

Improve Website Loading Speed

Website speed directly affects user experience. When your website speed is poor, conversion rates are likely to be the same. Approximately 40% of visitors will leave your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Google also uses loading speed as a ranking metric. The enterprise must therefore speed up its web applications in order to attract organic traffic and prevent user abandonment. It must test each page’s load time. Furthermore, they can make the website load faster by compressing images, implementing caching, compressing front-end resources, and implementing content delivery networks (CDNs).

Integrate Chat Bots with Web Applications

It is important for businesses to improve user engagement as it helps them retain customers. In addition to providing relevant information about your products and services, a well-designed chatbot keeps users on your site. Additionally, chatbots provide users with interesting information, spontaneously, to facilitate informed decisions. Therefore, chat bot integration enhances user experience and it is one of the best practices to follow while developing web applications.

Follow Search Engine Guidelines

Enterprises need to rank their websites in major search engines like Google and Bing in order to acquire more customers, increase brand awareness and conversion. No business can divert traffic to its website unless it complies with the latest search engine guidelines. As an example, Google recommends that website owners improve their website’s loading speed, mobile friendliness, and originality to increase their search engine visibility. In order to avoid expensive SEO campaigns, enterprises should follow the latest search engine guidelines while developing their web applications.

Secure Web Applications using Best Security Practices

Web application security is crucial for any web-based business. Web properties are exposed to attacks from multiple locations and at various levels of complexity and scale because of the global nature of the Internet. Website, web application and web service security, such as API security, pertains exclusively to websites, web applications and web services. Businesses should do some security testing before they deploy a web application.

Invest in AI-driven Web Development Tools

There are several recent studies that highlight the potential for AI and machine learning technologies to transform the way web applications are planned and developed. By leveraging AI frameworks and APIs, enterprises can easily build futuristic websites and web applications. The company can even develop next-generation web applications by analyzing competition and understanding emerging trends using AI-driven web development tools.

Use Cloud-based Web Development IDEs

Cloud technologies enable enterprises to develop, test, and deploy web applications without establishing an on-premise IT infrastructure. The cloud-based web development tools can be further leveraged by businesses to quickly develop custom web applications. Enterprises need to consider moving from conventional desktop development tools to cloud-based development tools like Cloud 9, Cloud IDE, Codeanywhere, Kodingen, and Sourcekit.

In general, enterprises need to follow a number of best practices to launch outstanding websites. To increase their online presence, they need to focus on user experience throughout the software development lifecycle. However, the trends in web application development keep changing from time to time. Therefore, enterprises must fine-tune their practices to suit the latest web application development trends.

Integrate Social Media Links

Every brand needs to have a presence on Social Media to increase their brand awareness. Therefore, it’s important for every online business to integrate social media links across all its platforms. 

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