Use a Document Management System to Speed Up Employee Productivity by 10X

Introduction of Document Management System

Document Management is simply the process where electronic data and images in the form of scanned documents are stored, managed, and tracked. Now the flow of electronic information today is in no way limited and, for the same reason, can pose plenty of problems. As a result, management becomes a hassle, especially in an organization with maximum inflow. Here’s where document management solutions come in handy.

Why go With a DMS For Your Business?

In this day and age, having a solid DMS for any business is not just beneficial but necessary. Why is that the case? Let’s cover 5 reasons why a Document management system software for small firms to multi-corporations is essential.

Better Productivity and Time Management: Physically managing documents will always take up more time and effort. So what does the document management system control? An electronic system saves a lot of the running around and sharing and storing the files, cutting down on time and increasing efficiency. Resources and manpower that would otherwise have to be taken up by the physical handling of documents can now be put to better use.
File sharing and access: While in a completely secure way, an employee, whether in the same office or from a different branch or even while travelling, can access a document, as can any concerned employee. A sturdy DMS allows remote access and easier file sharing. Still, it also eases up the organization’s operations by providing access to any document in a matter of seconds.
Security and Confidentiality: Security complications that are otherwise posed by physical document management are eliminated for an electronic DMS. First of all, there is no risk of losing the file unless you decide to delete it. Moreover, as it is cloud-based, the document doesn’t become prone to damage by any accident whatsoever, and people who are only allowed to access the data will have access to it.
Help in Cutting Down Capital: The traditional file management system consistently takes up plenty of resources, manpower, and tools. But, on the other hand, you invest in software once initially, and then your work is done, helping you save up magnanimously on the company’s capital in the long run. 
A streamlined way to Collaboration: Just compare the two scenarios, where a document in a procurement industry is physically handed over to the people concerned and edited and worked upon one by one. Now consider a scenario where all individuals required to be involved can share, edit, and control the document simultaneously from wherever and whenever under one specialized document management system for procurement companies. And the audit trail gets automatically stored. 

What Are The Challenges?

Not every document management system is built the same. Different systems are built to cater to a certain target audience’s needs; some drive at very specialized versions, whereas some are holistic. Some may be suitable for small businesses, whereas some may be built only to cater to international conglomerates. Here are 9 of the common challenges usually faced with Documentation Management.

  1. Without an adept DMS, an organization is prone to misplacing information, resulting in a lack of productivity and waste of time. This is why a coherent cloud-based DMS can help you track down files even from years ago or even ones that someone has mistakenly deleted. 
  2. Today’s environmental urgency calls for sustainability goals and standards from almost every organization. And tracking every printing of paper throughout the office isn’t an easy job. Proper document control with an adept electronic document management system can help limit printing costs and help reach your company’s sustainability goals. 
  3. The chance of a printer being broken or a machine malfunctioning is quite possible and may lead to harassing occasions in an office. A cloud-based DMS helps in avoiding such downtime scenarios. 
  4. A paper-based filing system asks for time and resources consumption that could have been put to better use for the company. 
  5. Inconsistencies in document management can lead to inconsistencies in the organization’s operations and sales and, as a result, negatively affect its growth and success.
  6. Any organization always has important or sensitive documents that can fall under an unauthorized eye. For instance, security becomes a critical concern with a legal document management system, and an electronic documentation system can only cater to the essential safety standards. 
  7. Another issue arising from improper or traditional filing systems is version control. It becomes difficult to manage all the documented versions or the scalability of the process without an adept DMS. 
  8. Today organizations have become global, and people from the opposite poles of the world can be working with the same documents. This collaboration is only made possible with an electronic DMS. 
  9. Often published documents demand third party business program integrations. The company’s processes can get streamlined here without an automated electronic Document management system pdf. 

Stepping Towards Document Management System

Create. Implement. Execute with consistency. Getting on an electronic document management system can be fairly simple. One can start by turning all the paperwork into electronic data and become a paperless organization completely. However, one can also continue with a hybrid system, although the operations may not be streamlined at par with the former.

There are plenty of DMS software options online. Even ones that are industry or organization-specific, for instance, there are specialized engineering document management systems, IT DMS, Automobile industry, hospitality, etc. 

Lay down your expectations from employing the DMS and pick an application that can cater best to your organizational needs. The range of the application can also depend on the scale of the organization. For instance, efile cabinet, Zoho docs, m-files, and SharePoint are some of the popular options for small businesses, while Docuware, Dropbox, OnlyOffice etc. are some of the popular ones among larger businesses.

Perks of Using a Document Management System For Your Business

Starting up with a suitable EDMS software can deliver plenty of perks to an organization. 

  • Reduced Storage Space.
  • Better Security. 
  • Easy Access to Documents.
  • Improved Collaboration.
  • Augmented Productivity.
  • Reduced Costs.
  • Streamlined Operations.
  • Better Use of Workforce and Company’s Time.
  • Eco-Friendly Process. 


Since most of our documents have now shifted to electronic measures, a Document Management System helps manage these through methods and features at the standard of a physical management system, starting from helping with storage location to audit trails, security trails, document lockdown and so on. Document management systems for the oil and gas industry, legal corporations, financial organizations or wherever the documentation process is extensive, a custom-built DMS has been a savior in streamlining management and increasing workforce productivity significantly. 

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