How much SharePoint Migration will cost?

Are you thinking about SharePoint Migration and wondering how much SharePoint Migration will cost?

If yes, then keep reading.

You may get an answer such as “It depends” if you ask the vendor directly about the cost of SharePoint migration.

Here are some factors that affect SharePoint Migration costs:

SharePoint Migration Approach

The migration of SharePoint can be accomplished using either a migration tool or manually. The migration costs differ depending on which approach you take. There are many paid migration tools available in the market like AvePoint DocAve, ShareGate Migration Tool and Metalogix Content Matrix. You can also migrate SharePoint manually. Planning is essential for it. For a successful SharePoint migration, you must follow the steps in sequence. The process includes creating the SharePoint farm at the destination, installing third-party software, backing up and restoring content databases to the target SharePoint SQL server, verifying and attaching the databases to the site collection, and upgrading the site collection. It requires you to upgrade your source SharePoint farm with advanced service packs, delete unused site collections, orphaned users and sites, etc.

Custom Solution

You can migrate content using tools and database attachment approaches. However, none of them will help with migrating custom-developed solutions. Custom-developed solutions require a different migration approach based on their solution and SharePoint deployment, thus, varying greatly from case to case. SharePoint migration cost depends on whether you have a custom solution also.

The size and scope of the project

The SharePoint migration cost estimation depends on the project’s scope and size. It is important to find out how many migrating content resources there are. What is the size of the migrating content?

Comparatively, migrating data from websites, spreadsheets, and databases to a Content Management System (CMS) is very expensive. Migration of several terabytes of content will be costlier than a migration of a hundred GB.  

The number of sites and users

Furthermore, the number of users and sites will determine the cost and complexity of your SharePoint migration. Obviously, the higher the number of users or site collections, the higher the cost will be to migrate them.

It is reasonable to expect that your migration will run on the low end of $20,000 up to $70,000 for systems that need to be especially robust or large.

Project Scheduling

Scheduling can also have a significant impact on the total cost of a project. You should expect a price increase if there are tight deadlines internal or external. A faster migration will require more resources and coordination. These are factors that typically increase costs.

Plan your project to save money

SharePoint site mapping is a simple technique to assist in migration planning. In order to keep costs low and visibility high, we often begin each migration project with a planning phase. The reality is that having a thorough planning phase can reduce the project’s overall cost, even though it seems wasteful to do so before implementation.

During the planning phase, many aspects of the project are covered. As part of overall project planning, content inventories, feasibility assessments, and migration documentation are conducted. Planning phases that are poor or lacking can lead to costly rework or even irreversible irrecoverable errors. Zelite’s planning phases ensure that the time and costs used upfront will decrease the complexity and cost of the eventual migration project.

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