Benefits of Customer Profiling Services for Marketing Managers

In today’s economic conditions every business is looking to increase their leads on a tight budget and with a quick turnaround time. Customer profiling, coupled with marketing analytics, provides key customer insight that can help sales and marketing professionals better allocate sales and marketing dollars to increase ROI.

According to a 2008 survey by the CMO Council, loyal customers are 15 times as likely to increase spend as high-risk, intermittent customers are—and acquiring new customers can cost five times as much as satisfying and retaining current ones.

Valuable, long-term customers are fundamental to a successful business and are hard to replace. However, are you existing customers database to your advantage to attract new ones? In order to get the most ROI from your marketing budget having a precise target market and relevant client profile is crucial.

Customer profiling includes understanding your customers demographics and psychographics completely like, where they live, work, what they eat, wear and buy, what are their needs, dreams and aspirations, how much they earn, save and spend every day and more. Such level of information can enable you to create many cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in your marketing funnels and sales process which can increase the lifetime value of your existing customers also target new customers more precisely.

Many marketing managers are aware of the customer profiling process and even have a profile ready for various segments of their services. Yet the big question remains unanswered, “Where to start in researching the target customer information, without being creepy?”
Collecting verified customer research information can be very tricky in today’s over connected and ever-changing online world.

According to a recent Sales & Marketing Institute paper, 62% of business contact information will change within a single year.  At D & B, we’ve found that there will be close to 100 C-level executive changes and more than 200 business telephone numbers disconnected within the next hour.

This is where a specialized market research company like Zelite brings it talent of providing account enrichment and client enrichment services for our clients.

Customer profiling helps marketing managers to segment their target audience by geographical locations, company profile, Revenue Value, Employee strength, Industry, Types of services and more. They can find list of such companies and their respective verified details under account enrichment services.

Once you have the list of companies in your target market then further customer profiling techniques can be used. Now under client enrichment services, you can find employees working at certain positions in your target companies, their role, location, contact details, social media links, postal address and more.

This verified information is the best investment Marketing Manager can make rather than buying generic databases from the market hoping for it to work. This verified data can be used for email marketing or setting up meetings through online network platforms or tele calling resulting in higher conversion rate as you can customize your sales pitch and offering to suit your client profile.

Zelite’s team has provided such customer profiling and verified database research services to our clients on ongoing basis for past 10 years. We not only provide this information in English but also in many European languages too.

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