3 Benefits of outsourcing Software projects

Outsourcing is a taboo word in IT industry and is always considered as cost saving activity resulting in job loss in the local market. However, the fact many businesses outsource their software development offshore or on-shore is not for cost cutting purpose at all. 

Building a robust in-house technology and maintaining it is no easy task for any business. Especially if the business is not in IT industry then having a competent in-house technology team can be expensive and challenging too.

Thus, today we want to talk about three benefits Zelite’s customers have seen by outsourcing their software development projects to our team.

Domain Specific Knowledge

When you outsource the software development project, you can hire talents who have domain specific knowledge ensuring the best result for your product. The outsourcing company specializes in certain domains and thus have a team of experts working for them, which ensures you always get the best solution and service.

Reduce Time to Market

Every astute business owner wants to make an investment only when the ROI can be measured over a period. With custom software measuring ROI is very easy and straightforward as your systems get streamlined, manual work hours get reduced and errors are minimised impacting the overall profit margins. Unlike on-the-shelf software, custom software can be developed as your business evolves without having to pay any ongoing licensing fees and upgradations etc. Custom software for your business is considered intellectual property which adds to the value of your venture.


Outsourcing your projects means you don’t have to invest time in hiring the right team, looking after your employees and investing in their development and team building activities.

Your project timeline is not affected by any of the internal employee hiring and retaining issues, as the outsourcer ensures to deliver project by deadline despite of any team members issues on their side. If proper contracts are in place you can ensure that your software is completed in certain timeframe with the best output.

Focus on Your Business

Hiring and retaining the best talents in IT industry is not necessarily every business’ needs or competencies. Thus, outsourcing ensures that your time is freed-up from non-revenue generating activities resulting in more focused growth approach. If you still have any questions about outsourcing your IT projects then connect with our team to discuss further.

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