Determining The Estimate of Web App Development Cost.

Do you know how much it costs to develop a web app? If not, then don’t worry; we have got you covered. To be honest, there isn’t any standard answer.

It’s because web app development is a generic term. There are so many things that come under it – customized website development and feature-rich web app creation, for example. However, before you invest into anything related to your business, we might want to know its cost.

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the factors affecting the price of web application development. So without talking much, let’s start this blog. So the first topic we’ll cover is the importance of web application development. Let’s dive in!

Factor Affecting Web Application Development Price.

When it comes to the cost of web application development, there’s no fixed price. The cost of the whole process depends upon a list of factors. If you know about them, you are going to manage your expenses more efficiently. So here are all the factors that affect web app development.

Work Scope

The first factor that influences the cost of your app is its functionality. In other words, what type of application are you planning to develop. Is it a hotel management software or a simple online store? Is it a third-party integration app (GPS navigation, payment systems, etc.) or a standalone solution? The more complex app, the more functions it’ll need and thus higher the development cost.

Moreover, code quality is another important thing that comes under work scope. If the developers’ team you have hired works under short deadlines, you won’t get high-quality and clearly defined codes. Therefore, your app will face bug attacks more often, leading to additional time spent by developers on the project. This will automatically add extra expenses to your pocket.

Always remember that project requirements are not fixed. They might change with time, bringing new design elements and features to the web app. And all this depends upon the audience growth rate.

UI/UX Design's Complexity.

Hiring a custom UI/UX design service provider costs higher compared to when you hire someone for a simple web design. The difference in the price depends upon the number of animations, elements and how complex your design is.

Every business tries to create an application with a unique, intuitive, eye-pleasant, and easy-to-use interface. Both web application developers and designers need lots of time to fulfill your requirements. Let’s explain it with an example.

To design a simple and sophisticated landing page, like Shopify, the minimum time required ranges from 6-8 hours to 16-20 hours. And if you hire a developer, you either pay them on an hourly basis or project basis. However, most developers charge on an hourly basis though. So the cost to create even a simple design comes out to be:

  • For 6-8 hours: $300-$400 approximately
  • For 16-20 hours: $800-$1,000 approximately

Moreover, if your demand is more complex like you want to add 3D animations, the price can increase up to approximately $4,000-$5,000. Therefore, it’s best if you keep your requirements ready beforehand. It will help you get an idea of what actually is going to cost to fulfill those needs.

Developers’ Location

Have you ever thought that the location of your developers is also going to affect the cost of web application development? Well, it has a direct impact on the cost. Do you know that it’s way cheaper to go for an offshore development team than local developers? In Australia, Canada, and the United States, the rate of software development services for an hour is around $80 to $250. Here’s another surprising fact you should know:

According to Clutch, there is a wide range of firms in the US providing web app development services for around $50-99/per hour. Moreover, European easter companies offer web app development services for as low as $20-50 per hour in Belarus or Ukraine.

We have been taught that – the higher the price, the better the product or service. Well, that’s not always true. Most companies value their reputation a lot. That’s why they generally look for developers whose expertise can fulfill all their requirements while maintaining the necessary standards.

You have to follow the same approach. To save your cost, you can also outsource the development job to developers of another country who offer cheaper rates and quality services. However, don’t forget to ensure that the team of developers you hire gets a detailed overview of your company’s standards. Let them know what you want to offer your customer and how they need to do their job while ensuring professional standards.

Hiring Options

The cost of web app development will significantly vary depending upon the type of cooperation model you choose. Basically, there are three primary options for hiring web application developers:

  • Freelance developers
  • In-house team

Each option has its own pros and risks. Which one you should choose depends mostly upon your project requirements. Here’s a detailed overview of each of these options.


You should hire freelancers for short-term contracts, small projects, and software updates. However, you can also consider hiring them for long-term projects, however, ensuring factors like – how well they handle deadlines, expertise, quality of their services, and how good they are at handling work pressure. Let’s learn about the pros and risks of hiring freelance web app developers


  • They will respect the deadline, and the chances that they will complete your project on time remains high
  • Freelancers are budget-friendly and cost low for one-time, long-term projects


  • You need to prepare the work plan and project requirements beforehand
  • You might also need a project manager might to keep a check on freelancers

In-house team

Whether you want developers to work as your firm’s part remotely or assemble them to your premises, an in-house team is an ideal option for you. They are perfect if you are running multiple projects and require the complete involvement of developers in the process.


  • No communication issues
  • You get full control over your in-house team
  • You are free to make changes whenever you want


  • You might want to hire a team of human resources to manage your in-house developers
  • You have to undergo a long and complex process of hiring if you don’t hire an HR team before
  • Additional expenses such as taxes, softwares, hardware, office rent, etc.

Final Verdict

Determining the estimates of your web app development cost is not less than a hassle. However, when you are determining the price, make sure to consider the factors we have shared with you today. Without them, you are not going to get the right estimate. 

Also, if you enjoy reading this blog, make sure to share it with your friends planning to develop a web app. Help them get an idea of how much it is going to cost them.

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