Remote Staffing: A Safer and Smarter Future

Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, Telework has skyrocketed. COVID-19 has led to companies mandating remote working for employees. However, to ensure business continuity all physical meetings, conferences and daily briefings are now being converted into digital ones. The company of the future is no longer bound by company walls or national borders and they have started to source the very best talent, irrespective of their location. 

Zelite Solutions Approach Towards Current Scenario

Even when lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we at Zelite Solutions incorporated the necessary changes on how to operate in new ways. With this rise of a contact-free economy Zelite Solutions have upgraded and upscaled processes and infra to meet the current remote working requirements. A brief insight into our change and how we manage remote working so effectively

The How!

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid19, Zelite Solutions quickly understood the ability to absorb the necessary change (Telework) and how to use for optimum productivity and long-term prosperity.

Architecting Our Remote Working Environment

  • At Zelite Solutions our team’s safety is of utmost importance. Necessary guidelines were laid down to make sure everyone on the team had a healthy and safe working environment regardless of where they are located.
  • Zelite places huge importance on security when it comes to telework. We included a secure internet connection, expanding VPN access and bandwidth across all locations.
  • Firewalls, Antivirus Software and Anti-Malware software such as “McAfee” was installed on all remote systems to provide an extra level of security.
  • Incorporation of digital tools and technology such as Remote Desktop Tools provided good security of data and information
  • To keep everyone in the loop, facilitate interactive discussions, and increase team responsiveness, Zelite Solutions looked to leading messaging solutions like Slack and  Microsoft Teams.
  • Cloud VoIP PBXs like RingCentral and Zoom allows our team to decouple themselves from a traditional hard desk-phone and instead work with a software dialer and headset from their laptops
  • Video Conferencing Solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet enable everyone to effectively conduct 1:1 meeting, team meetings, and phone calls.

The Team

  • Our team saved a lot of commute time allowing them to work on a schedule that suits them
  • Improved employee retention as employees benefited from work-life balance
  • With the freedom of remote work our employees are happier, engaged and fulfilled.
  • Employees understood and make better use of technologies

Benefits of Remote Work

  • With the lack of commute and employees having more time, leads to greater flexibility and increased productivity
  • Access to varied talent pool for future business development and increasing business goal
  • Employees working from home can operate in a way that suits them and are more in control thus Increasing the team’s performance
  • Lower office costs.

What Future Brings!

According to Clutch.co, about 52 percent of small business executives will continue to outsource jobs in 2020. What’s more, SMEs will increase software development budgets from 6.0 to 9.1 percent in 2020.

By 2030, the demand for remote work will increase by 30% due to Generation Z fully entering the workforce. The mandatory use of remote work for business continuity should signal to all organizations that it’s time to revisit their remote working policies and redesign them for wider application as business as usual.

Why Choose Us?

At Zelite Solutions we make sure that hiring IT staff with the training, experience, and vision to guide your company through the 21st century world. We offer flexible staff augmentation and offshore staff augmentation models across categories of contract staffing, permanent staffing and contract to hire staffing.

Our diverse pool of candidates has immense skill set in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Data Migration, Share Point, PowerApps, Microsoft Flows, Block Chain Development, Power BI, Cloud Application (public or private), .NET development, Java. This challenge is further magnified when your need is temporary or project-based, making it even more critical that you find the best fit in a candidate.

Physical Presence

Unlike other remote staffing companies we are strategically located onsite in UAE and UK.  With this added advantage we provide highest quality of communication and make sure nothing is lost in cultural gap for the Middle East or Europe markets.

"If done right, remote working can boost productivity and morale; Connect with us to find out more?"

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