Power of Hyper-targeting in the Digital Marketing Era

Power of Hyper-targeting in the Digital Marketing Era

Data rules supreme in today’s digital era. Among marketers, hyper-targeting or extreme targeting signifies an unchartered territory with a desire of conquering the furthest extent of digital marketing frontiers. For successful marketing, the objective is to identify and then build the perfect audience. Thus, delivering relevant content to the precise audience segments.

“When you know precisely who your target group is, how to reach them, and what to say, growing your business becomes much easier.

What is Hyper-targetting?

Hyper-targeting is all about identifying your target customer segments and delivering extremely customized content relevant to them at the precise time and place. Hyper-targeting starts with identifying and understanding precisely who your target audience is. Once identified, you can target them across various channels.

 “Focusing your efforts through hyper-targeted marketing can help you reach customers all over the web that are most likely to be interested in your business.” 

Hyper-targeting in B2B

Following are the pointers which largely help to identify and understand who your target audience is:

  • Categorization: Each business has a different set of problems. Every product or service made is to solve some or the other problem. Matching the right product or service to solve the problem is what all a marketer needs to do. Categorization of accounts plays a major role here. We can categorize accounts based on the nature of business they do and then further classify them based on the sectors and industries.
  • Business Insights: Understand your target accounts. Retrieve as much information as you can about the accounts such as their industry, turnover, YoY P/L, Technology Spends, major investors, parent company, subsidiaries, branches, recent mergers/acquisitions, organizational changes, legal cases, competitors, new launches, discussions underway in the news etc. Such information is vital for any marketer to build upon the right strategy to approach the target accounts by offering specific products or services.
  • Technology Insights: If your offerings include technology related products or services then understanding the technology stack used by the prospective account is crucial. Such as: Front-end technologies, back-end technologies, database server, web server, cloud provider, email server, ecommerce platforms, CRM System, ERP System, HRMS, Order Management Systems etc. Using technology insights, a marketer can build upon a right strategy to approach the target accounts by offering specific technology related products or services.
  • Buyer Personas: In a b2b campaign, once the potential accounts are identified we need to know who we have to target in that account. Identifying the correct buyer personas plays a pivotal role in the success of any hyper-targeted campaigns. These personas are primarily outlined in two categories i.e. ‘Professional roles’ such as functions, departments and ‘Seniority level’ such as decision makers or influencers.
  • Geotargeting: Identifying geographical locations of accounts and contacts – both are equally important for a successful b2b campaign. Based on certain parameters, potential accounts and contacts can be filtered for a specific geographical area which will help in localizing your product and service offerings based on prospective customer needs.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting the target audience who have previously engaged with you via some communication or action. Maybe they have asked you to contact them at a later stage, or have shown some kind of interest by asking more details about your products or services, or have attended a webinar etc. This could be even potential audiences who have visited your website, read your blog or case studies, opt-ins etc.

Hyper-targeted Marketing vs Mass Marketing

Hyper-targeted marketing allows you a greater deal of flexibility, it helps you to reach smaller but well-defined precise audience. You can reach them with a very personalized message. It empowers you with the ability to be well prepared to understand their problems and provide the right solution at a right time and place. On the other hand, mass marketing delivers nonspecific messages to a large undefined audience.


“Hyper-targeted marketing allows you a greater deal of flexibility, it helps you to reach smaller but well-defined precise audience.”

Grow your business with hypertargeting

Zelite can help you to identify your precise audience with relevant insights such as (but not limited to):

  • Categorization
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Industry Insights
  • Geo-locations
  • Account Insights
  • Spends
  • Technology Insights
  • Competitors
  • Buyer Personas

Hyper-targeting is the future of digital marketing and can take your digital campaigns to the next level.

Engage with your customers where and when they need it most, read our blog on “Marketing in Unchartered Waters.

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