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A government-owned education institution in UAE partnered with Zelite Solutions to streamline their internal processes with multiple app integrations.

About Client

The RA is a government-owned world-class education institution established to coordinate and enhance learning outcomes for organizations and individuals in the safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness, and crisis management sectors. 

The Academy is the first in UAE to provide learning in a dual approach, combining academic and vocational education in one place whilst recognizing prior learning and experience and providing accredited and transferable credit from course to course and job to job.

After getting certification in any of these courses, one becomes eligible to leverage the available opportunities to build a professional career path in the private or public sectors. RA’s faculty are extensively trained and qualified from the world’s top universities to cater to these requirements.




 JavaScript, ASP, .Net, C#, MSSQL Server 2016, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Engagement Model

Time and Material


API-based Custom Integration Application

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract

Time Required

AMC – 6 month

Problem Faced By RA

RA required a well-formatted portal with every feature in place to serve its students with hands-on information about the courses they enrolled in. Furthermore, they wanted to keep track of every student’s record at all times and allow students to anytime download certificates for the courses they had opted for.

They also desired to manage course delivery and assessment to various students where entities could enroll their students in a variety of courses and assessments. RA expected a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management application that would assist them in tracking both online and offline inquiries. They wanted to ensure that every requirement was met, reducing the possibility of a missed opportunity.

Some of the major issues they encountered were:

  1. Earlier, RA was shuffling between different platforms and tools to thoroughly manage client and student data. To save their time, effort and streamline the process, they needed one common platform smoothly manage different aspects of their business.

  2. The client also desired to provide a facility to students that would allow them to pay for the services they chose online.

RA’s concerns were alleviated by Zelite Solutions’ wide range of custom solutions.

Excellent Solutions Offered By Zelite

For a decade, Zelite has provided its customers with multiple solutions such as Custom Web Application / Integrator Application that can easily integrate with various applications. Similar solutions were rendered to RA to resolve their problems.

Following is the solution offered by Zelite to RA:

● VA Portal (Custom Solution)
● Integration of the Custom Integrator App with the following applications

  • Custom Web Application
  • Payment Gateway (AD Pay)
  • RA ERP System
  • RA LMS Application
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Integration Architecture

Zelite designed and implemented a fully integrated solution for VA Portal, SCS, ERP, and ADPay with Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted in the customer’s own data center. The integration is done with an API-based Custom Integration Application.
Following is the technical architecture of the same:

Custom Student Portal ASP architecture

Integrations were developed between Custom Portal, SCS, ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These systems were further enhanced with Power BI to provide advanced reporting functionality.

Zelite Solutions completed the following functional integrations:

ERP Application

We did the following ERP Application integration:

Send approved proposals from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ERP for billing purposes. Later, the designated finance department goes on with billing and managing related details. 

● Send Course details from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including the following, to the ERP System:

  • Customer Name
  • No. of Students
  • Course Name
  • Course Amount (Approved)
  • Course Dates

● Send payment details from Custom Web Portal, which is already integrated with Payment Gateway, to the integrated ERP System with respect to the customer and course selected.

● Send Payment related details such as payment made, pending, ongoing etc., from ERP System to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Custom Web Application

● Send course completion  details from Customer Web Application to ERP System and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.


LMS (Learning Management System)

LMS hosted in the customer environment is an important application for Rabdan and the rest of the clientele. The RA’s customer’s or students’ entire course data, which includes information about course delivery, status, and course completion, is maintained in the LMS.

Additionally, LMS also provides a facility to RA to provide grades to the students who have attended the courses and also maintain them for future reference. Hence integration with the LMS system was necessary in the project. The highlighted integration pointers that were mentioned include the following:

● Integration of course master, organisation master, and student master from LMS to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. 

● Effectively managing the duplicate master entries and eradicating them once found during the integration process. 

● Integration of approved courses from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to the LMS.

● Smooth integration of scores and grades of students from LMS to the respective custom web applications. 

Payment Gateway Integration

RA was accepting payment in offline mode directly from the customers. This made it difficult to follow up on small payments and keep track of cash inflows and outflows. As a result, they needed a smooth, quick, and secure online payment system to alleviate the payment problems.

Through the integration of the online payment system, they wished to mandate that the customer first pay and then enrol in the selected courses. Zelite devised a solution to resolve their problems by integrating a payment gateway with their custom web application. According to their specifications, ADPay was the ideal payment gateway for RA. 

The following considerations were made as we completed Payment Gateway Integration:

● Scrutinizing the ADPay platform to ensure seamless payment gateway integration

● Utilising the most recent security tools when sending data from a custom web application to the ADPay API

● Applying the privacy policy so that the application does not store the customer’s credit card or bank information

● After completing a transaction, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP System receives securely transmitted payment details from Payment Gateway Integration

Final Words

The integrations were successfully carried out using a custom integration application. Starting by integrating the ERP application, LMS, and ADPay with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, all the challenges faced by RA were resolved.

Zelite linked Dynamics 365 CRM to the ERP system. As a result, RA’s finance department can now easily track the billing process and other related details. They no longer have to perform any manual tasks or sift through mountains of data to find any financial information.

The integration of ADPay as a payment gateway simplifies the entire payment and receipt process. Earlier, keeping track of all payment details and statuses was becoming increasingly difficult for RA. ADPay has resolved all of its payment-related issues.

Similarly, the integration of LMS with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM of RA now facilitates serving the clientele with sought-after courses and keeping an eye on their progress. LMS provides a comprehensive view of RA’s students. The data from LMS is passed on to the CRM, using which further decisions are made. 

RA’s staff no longer needs to access multiple tools or perform manual work as a result of the aforementioned integrations. Everything is now automated in their best interest. 

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