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Web Self-Service Portal

A Web self-service portal attuned with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SalesForce.com. To know more visit www.serviceoneportal.com


Self-Service portal is aimed to empower the customer with enterprise knowledge quickly accessible to the customers and enabling them to perform related activities with ease.

  • Submit Case
  • Track Real time status
  • View Case History
  • Customer Interactions

Discussion Forum

Use Discussion forum to empower your customers to discuss on a particular topic

  • Share best practices amongst your customers
  • Help build your customers' community

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center brings your enterprise information to your customer's desktop.

  • Search articles by Keywords
  • Search articles by Subjects

Resource Center

The Resource Center allows you to upload and share documents and media on your portal for your customers to download and view

  • Upload - Allows you to easily upload any file type and categorise it
  • Download - Your customers can search and download files from Resource Center
  • MD5 Hash - validate the downloaded files

Customize and Configure

Web Self-Service Portal is easy-to-configure portal providing high level of customizations and configuration settings

  • One Time Setup
  • Web Page Content
  • Self Registration
  • Brand your own portal

Flexi Solutions

Our Web Self-Service Portal comes with two distinct solutions; Native and Hybrid.

  • Native - Interconnected using same database of your CRM system
  • Hybrid - Integrated with your CRM system with distinct database

Document Management System - DMS

A gateway portal for all your organization-wide document management needs!
Our DMS developed in line with ISO QMS standards comprises of document management capabilities that allows you to work on your documents online and offline, storing of documents, organizing documents and locating documents.

Document Library

  • New Document Creation
  • Document search & edit
  • Folder Creation
  • Upload Documents or files
  • Control who has access
  • Make Documents Public or Private

Version Control

  • Major and Minor Versioning
  • Track history of a version
  • Restore a previous version
  • View a previous version
  • Version Numbering
  • Document Check in and check out


  • Serial and Parallel Worflow
  • Document Request Creation
  • Approval
  • Collect Feedback
  • Publishing Approval
  • Escalation Matrix

Task, Alerts & Notifications

  • Set a Reminder
  • Edit a Reminder
  • Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Manage Alerts and Notifications
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Task Notifications

Reports & Dashboards

  • User Dashboard
  • Report for Summary of Changes
  • Document Version Report
  • Summary of Request Received
  • Audit Report
  • Usage Report

Enterprise Human Resource Management System

Originated with a thought process of enabling HR functions to become more strategic and organization focused rather than being transaction centric our HRMS software empowers your employees and managers to bring transparency, clarity and effectiveness of the Human Resource Processes.
Our HRMS comprises of over 250 functionalities with robust functional performance across the employee life cycle.

Employee Self Service

Initiate and Monitor HR related tasks with the help of workflow driven process execution

  • Leave Request
  • Reimbursement Request
  • Travel Settlement Request
  • Vehicle Booking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Pay slips
  • Knowledge base
  • News and Announcements
  • Gate Pass

Manpower Planning & Budgeting

Forecast the manpower requirement and associated cost for the respective financial year

  • Analysis of Current Manpower
  • Manpower Planning based on the Sales forecast or the projects.
  • Manpower Budgeting
  • Manpower Requisition
  • Manpower Allocation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Recruitment & Employee On-boarding

End to end recruitment and on-boarding process

  • Recruitment Dashboard
  • Manage Vacancies & Job Applications
  • Candidate Short-listing & Interview Scheduling
  • Offer Generation & Approvals
  • On-boarding Process
  • Joining Process

HR Operations & Workforce Management

Stay up to date with

  • Workforce Management / Employee e-File
  • Leave Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Transfer & Relocation Management
  • Tour Plans
  • Loans & Advances
  • Probation & Confirmation
  • Employee Survey
  • Leave Planner
  • Letters & Notices

Performance Management System (PMS)

Set up KRAs based on the functions/roles & hierarchy, targets and achievements

  • Objective Library
  • Performance Standard
  • Performance Plan
  • Targets & Achievements
  • Competency Mapping
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Diary
  • Performance Review / Appraisals

Training & Development

Emphasize on the improvement of the performance of individuals and groups within your organization

  • Course Library Management
  • Trainer Profile Management
  • Training Calendar
  • Career Path Management
  • Schedule and Enroll for Courses
  • Manage Course Content
  • Course Diary

Authoring System

Our Authoring System enables organization to build engaging, world class e-Learning courses.
Our Authoring System is a unified interactive platform which enables you to meet your organization-wide training and assessments expectations by allowing you to engage and interact with your employees, allowing them to take online training and undertake assessments.

Features Include

  • Course Builder
  • Story Generation
  • Question Pool
  • Glossary Builder
  • Publish and Review
  • Scorm Compliant

Scalable, Efficient and Fast

Ability to quickly create and communicate new policies and training throughout the organization and benefit from achieving high levels of coverage amongst your target audience and all your learners will have access to the same training.

Higher Retention Rate

Blended learning results in a higher knowledge retention rate, appealing to the wider range of learning styles with the added ability to go back and refresh their memory at any time or place.

Save Time & Money

By reducing time away from the workplace, you’ll cut down on travel costs and expensive classroom based training.

Improve Learning

Assessment is a systematic approach to collecting, analyzing, and reviewing data to improve learning.


Give your employees and students the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is right for them

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