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Zelite Solutions engages with a US-based Medical Device company to provide a detailed research analysis on NICU Hospitals

Project Synopsis

A US-based Medical Devices Company specializing in Digital Microfluids Technology, Platform Development and Pediatric testing provide innovative products and services by bringing new technologies and tests to the healthcare community.

They are the leaders in innovative newborn screening and pediatric testing solutions, developing innovative products to provide a healthy start for children.

The Need

Filtering and targeting potential accounts for their B2B was of utmost importance. The client required a complex and detailed analysis that would help them in their ABM strategy.

Zelite Solutions provided in-depth research which included the following data points
  Account Insights: Hospital Name, Employee size, Physician size, Specialization, Contact information
  Contact Discovery: Name, Job Title, Contact Details, and Area of Specialization
  NICU: Name, Care Level, Number of Beds, Contact details

Engaging with Zelite Solutions for Challenging and Complex Endeavor

  • The team at Zelite Solutions conducted systematic scoping involving secondary research techniques in determining the optimal number of hospital beds capacity
  • Descriptive analysis of the Neonatal departments
  • Identification of critical levels of NICU at each hospital: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4
  • Valuable insights provided by Zelite Solutions that enabled the client and their team to make better-informed decisions.


  • The client was able to discover their potential accounts and scale on the campaigns they would want to deploy for each
  • The sales team made the audience target suggestions based on the data enriched by Zelite Solutions. It ensured they are on top of the entire campaign life cycle
  • The team at Zelite Solutions built a high-quality lead pipeline with precise prospecting


Medical Devices and Healthcare


Valuable Data Insights and Key Metrics on NICU’s

Services Provided

Account Insights
Contact Discovery
NICU Insights

Engagement Model

Time and Material

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