Custom Web Application Development for Data Collection and Reporting

Zelite Solutions built a data collection and reporting web application for a France based Pharmaceutical Company.

About Client

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients for the food, nutrition and health markets.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Efforts and Duration

Time and Material 


HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular with Python, MySQL Database 

Time Required

1 month


Custom Web Application Development

The Need​

The client wanted to build a custom web application which could search, extract and download specific data and generate reports based on this downloaded data. This application should be able to fetch the data on chemical components (molecule/excipient) of medicine from 4 websites as follows:

  1. US FDA
  2. DailyMed
  3. Orange Books
  4. Duns

The Solution Offered

The client is a manufacturer of raw materials for medicines.

Pharmaceutical raw materials are substances that are used to manufacture a wide range of drug formulations, tablets, capsules, injectable etc. The raw materials used in the pharmaceutical industry are consisted of three major parts. They are as follows:




For this reason, the client wanted to collect specific data from 4 web resources: Dailymed, US FDA, Orange Books and DUNS.

Zelite Solutions defined an application architecture based on initial scope. This architecture involves interaction between application packages, databases, and DailyMed Webservice.

The application is hosted on a dedicated database server and application server.

Zelite Solutions developed a web application with the following modules: 

  1. Login
  2. Add Users
  3. Excipients Information             

               a. Download Excipient data
               b. Search
               c. Export US FDA Data
               d. Export Excipients Info

Here is how the application process works:

  1. User can login with his credentials like user-id and password.
  2. After the user logs in, the user can click on the option “Search Exipients” menu
  3. After that, the user can select various filter parameters such as Country of Origin, Manufacturer Name, Active Ingredients, In-Active Ingredients and other fields.
  4. After selecting the filter parameters, the user can click on the search button. 
  5. When the user clicks on the search button, the application will check stored data in the database based on the above selection parameters.
  6. The application will scrape the US FDA in tandem with the websites Dialy Med and Orange Books for incremental data from last updated date till today’s date
  7. This incremental data will be stored in the database, then a filter will be applied and reports will be generated and exported in terms of an excel sheet.
Data Collection and Reporting Application


With the application built by Zelite Solutions, the client was able to collect specific data (Excipients information, drug content, drug manufacturer info etc.) from specific web resources and get reports in the way they wanted. 

This saved a lot of time and manual overhead cost for the client.

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