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UAE-based learning solutions provider to Government and Non-Government Organizations, collaborated with Zelite Solutions to streamline their organizational workflow

About Client

RA came into existence in 2013 and, since then, offered its students a dual learning approach (combining Vocational and Academic aspects) along with an interactive environment. Based in UAE, RA hosts many academic programs and vocational courses that align with established standards and practices. Also, it’s the first educational institution in the UAE to give students learning opportunities by combining vocational education with academics.

This academy focuses mainly on enriching the knowledge of the individuals linked with security, emergency preparedness and the defense sector. Some popular courses include Business Continuity Management, Integrated Emergency Management, Policing & Security, Intelligence Analysis, Homeland Security, Crime Scene, Policing & Security Leadership, and Defense & Security. Covering these programs and courses serves as a gateway to the world of opportunities for students who wish to build a flourishing professional career in both the public and private sectors. The students are taught by competent global faculty qualified at the world’s top universities.




 JavaScript, ASP, .Net, C#, MSSQL Server 2016, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Engagement Model

Time and Material


Custom Student portal using On-Premise Deployment of MS Dynamics CRM

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract

Time Required

AMC – 6 month

The Need

Our client needed to provide its students with a well-formatted portal with every feature in place to serve the students with hands-on information available about the courses they enrolled in. In addition, they wanted to keep a tab on the record of every student at any time and allow students to download certificates of the finished courses whenever needed.

Along with courses, the academy allows large organizations to easily enroll their employees as students to enhance their skills and gain certification in specific courses. Moreover, with time, the company grew at a pretty impressive rate. Their student base was also growing rapidly, making it challenging to oversee numerous things at once.

Some of the major issues faced by them were:

1. Unable to streamline leads and keep a tab on the entire sales process.

2. They needed an interactive platform for their students where almost every feature was available at their fingertips.

Zelite Solutions helped RA with all their concerns by offering them a wide range of custom solutions.

The Solution

By conducting deeper analysis and thorough research, Zelite Solutions proposed solutions to help RA scale, eliminate the obstacles they were encountering, and streamline their sales cycle.

Developing Public Facing Website

● Zelite Solutions made a static responsive public-facing website keeping the client’s target audience intent in mind along with branding guidelines.

● It contains an inquiry form using which individual students and high-level organizations can apply for the courses, add their details, upload relevant documents or add new inquiries without logging in.

● The wizard based inquiry form is pretty simple and allows the user to fill in data easily.

● In the inquiry form, the students can also apply for Recognition of prior learnings.

● The website facilitates our client to create new courses and provide relevant details about the course expectation

The client needed an interactive platform for their students. The technical team at Zelite Solutions suggested RA use ongoing trending technologies to create different features and sections of the app.

The technology stack includes:

● ASP.Net, C#
● MVC framework
● Web-API for integration with Payment Gateway
● MSSQL Server 2016 as backend
● jQuery/CSS/Bootstrap (Responsive)/HTML for design componentRA

Custom Student Portal ASP architecture

We developed an application accessible to students, assessors, verifiers, the client’s admin team, etc. The student portal contains the following features:

After the payment and course finalization, the student login is automatically created, and related details are sent to the student. Similarly, the login for verifiers and assessors is created.

The admin team is accountable for granting or revoking permissions to the students.

The student can access Student Portal – Custom Web Application anytime and access the following features:

● Checking their profile
● Course Calendar
● Course Instructor Details
● Course Brief Details
● Attendance
● Add Leaves
● Payment Status
● Upload Documents of Prior Learnings
● Check Approved or Rejected Documents
● Course Certificates
● RPL Certificates
● Communicate with Admin or Instructor
● Communicate with the Assessor / Verifier
● Access Chat Functionality

Custom Web Application developed by Zelite Solutions gives students 24/7 access to all the details, history of courses applied, attended, finished and much more. We implemented all the proposed features in 6 months and successfully addressed the client’s requirements related to sales management and the student portal.

Custom Student Portal Application overview

Integrating Web App with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After the custom web application, RA needed an integrator tool that sends and receives data from the app to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in real time. To help them with integration, Zelite developed Integrator Tool using C#.Net, which integrates with the customer’s Learning Management System and ERP software using their individually published APIs. This tool turned out to be an excellent addition to their workflow. It communicates well with all different applications and has the potential to integrate with the rest of the apps.

Following are the features implemented in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrator Tool:

● Interact on a real-time basis with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Custom Web Application and Public facing Website via Microsoft Dynamics CRM API.

● The tool sends inquiry data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and generates a lead, and simultaneously checks if the student who is adding the lead is present in the CRM. If an existing customer adds the lead, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrator tool creates the lead in the existing account.

● After lead generation and approval in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tool creates the customer account in the Custom Web Application.

● The tool sends login credentials email to the account creator to log into the application.

● It collects data like Course details, schedules, instructor details etc., from a student’s LMS, which is then synced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Custom Web Application.

● Collects invoice and payment-related data from ERP and syncs the same with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and students’ LMS.

● Able to send reminder or alert emails to the students regarding their courses, attendance & payment status.


Admin Dashboard

Custom Student Portal Admin Dasboard

Enquiry Form

Custom Student Portal dasboard Enquiry form2 dasboard

Entity Admin Dashboard

Custom Student Portal Entity admin

Student Login Dashboard

Custom Student Portal dasboard


● Implementing solutions offered by Zelite helped RA streamline their sales process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and manage their massive student data with Custom Web Application.

● Moreover, the students or the individuals who earlier wanted to get their knowledge and experience recognized can now apply for RPL using the Public Facing Website. The cycle of applying and getting RPL also got reduced.

● The regular email alerts and synchronized system feature allow the management to check the entire sales-to-service cycle in one go.

● Reports developed in Power BI have allowed them to dive deep into the data before making an informed decision

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