Custom Service Provider App For Property Management

A Custom Mobile App assists a Property Management Company in supervising maintenance operations.

About Client

The corporation, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a dynamic, diversified investment firm with significant growth sectors such as real estate, hotel, education, and capital. It has a diverse local and worldwide investment portfolio, as well as a staff of devoted professionals who are supported by relationships with international consultants in finance, investments, and legal matters. These collaborations contribute knowledge and technological experience to assist the organisation achieve its long-term goals.


The Problem

The client’s existing procedure lacked a centralised structure, making it difficult to manage assets and maintenance requests efficiently. The asset identification process employed was time-consuming and inefficient, necessitating a more streamlined approach. 

Furthermore, utilising the current system, the Landlord Team (LLT) had difficulty completing asset inspections and reporting maintenance calls. The company’s productivity and responsiveness were limited by a lack of real-time communication and data synchronisation between field service engineers and the main system, as well as inadequate customer satisfaction levels caused by a lack of transparency and accountability.

To properly handle asset management and maintenance calls, they wanted a Custom Mobile App solution for both iOS and Android platforms that smoothly integrated with SAP.

They required an app feature that allows clients to easily sign off on completed work and submit feedback via surveys. The app should have features for managing asset inspections, recording observations, and generating detailed inspection reports.



Property Management

Clients Severed Globally


Total Users: 100


Custom Mobile App for iOS and Android

Engagement Model

Time and Material

Efforts and Duration

3 Months

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract


iOS Framework, Android Framework, Dot Net Framework,
Rest API

The Solution

To fulfil the needs of the customer, our development team produced a Custom Mobile App that could be utilised on both the iOS and Android platforms. By handling assets and maintenance calls more efficiently, the desired app interface with SAP was realised. The user-friendly interface of the Custom Mobile App enables the service engineer to effortlessly access all relevant functionalities.

SAP Integration:

  • To synchronise asset and maintenance data in real-time, a secure connection was built between the Custom Mobile App and SAP.
  • SAP was used to obtain relevant information, such as asset details, work orders, service history, and spare parts inventories.
  • The QR code scanner capability made it easy to identify assets and maintenance calls could be logged quickly and efficiently.
  • The device’s camera was used to scan QR codes on assets, allowing SAP to instantly get asset information and service history.
  • Asset inspections have been enabled, allowing the LLT to inspect assets, record observations, and generate thorough inspection reports.
  • Maintenance requests were registered and tracked in real-time to ensure that issues were fixed as quickly as feasible.
  • The availability of spare parts was examined, and necessary parts for maintenance jobs were ordered.
.In addition, the LLT may use the Custom Mobile App to do asset inspections, log calls as needed, and monitor repair requests.

Landlord Team (LLT) Capabilities:

• Asset Inspections: The LLT was able to conduct inspections, capture asset status, identify maintenance needs, and schedule repairs using the Custom Mobile App capabilities.

• Call Logging: The call log functionality made it simple to log maintenance calls and ensure that any issues are documented and remedied as soon as possible.

• Task Assignment: The LLT may now assign maintenance tasks to service engineers based on availability, skill, and proximity to assets.

Service Engineer Capabilities:

  • Work Orders: A comprehensive overview of assigned work orders, including task descriptions, location, and asset information, was presented to service engineers.
  • Task Tracking: This feature allowed service engineers to easily update the status of their tasks, record work accomplished, and track the amount of time spent on each job.

The option for clients to sign off on completed work and offer a survey was a significant element of the Custom Mobile App. This guaranteed that the consumers were pleased with the work and provided the service engineer with relevant feedback.

Customer Engagement:

  • Work Request Submission: Customers could submit maintenance requests directly through the Custom Mobile App, including necessary information and uploading relevant material.
  • Customers were given real-time information on the status of their maintenance requests, including the projected arrival time of service engineers.
  • Work Sign-Off and Surveys: Customers could sign off on finished work, which increased transparency and accountability. They were allowed to share comments via surveys in order to continually enhance service quality.


The Zelite development team collaborated closely with the customer throughout the development process to ensure that the Custom Mobile App matched the client’s needs. To guarantee that the client’s expectations were satisfied and difficulties were fixed quickly, regular updates and feedback meetings were organised.

Flow diagram of service provider App

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Real-time synchronisation of asset and maintenance data.
  • Retrieval of relevant SAP information
  • Android and iOS compatibility for custom mobile apps
  • Task monitoring and work order placement for Service Engineers
  • Task assignment, call reporting, and asset inspection become simpler for the LLT.
  • Improving client satisfaction through simple request submission and real-time updates

Final Words

Zelite’s Custom Mobile App solution interacts with SAP effortlessly, delivering a powerful asset and maintenance management system for service engineers, customers, and the LLT. By adding QR code scanning, work sign-off, customer surveys, asset inspections, and call logging, we were able to assure simpler operations, greater communication, and overall efficiency. With this comprehensive solution, the client can now optimise asset management, boost customer happiness, and ensure that maintenance issues are resolved quickly.

Our mobile app solution met the client’s need for a comprehensive asset and maintenance management system that worked on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Zelite specialises in creating Custom Mobile Apps that are tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Zelite provides sturdy and user-friendly solutions that optimise company operations, improve customer interaction, and promote digital transformation, with substantial knowledge in mobile app development for numerous platforms, including iOS and Android.

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