Identify Target Accounts Using ABM Strategy

Identifying Target Accounts based on the relevant technology stacks for a financial services company based in the UK.

Project Synopsis

A UK based financial Services company providing billing and subscription services as a part of their ongoing Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign requirements wanted us to discover specific technology stacks used by a given set of accounts. Based on the outcome they wanted to partner with those technology products company thus allowing them to expand their clientele reach.

Zelite team was able to identify technology stack for the given set of accounts with the use of AI and data retrieved from third parties. This included the list of technology products under a given software category which were being used by those accounts.

Technology Stacks

ERP System
Finance Applications
Payment Software
Accounting and Billing Software


Product development Companies

Services Provided

Account Based Marketing (ABM) by identifying relevant Technology Stack

Geographical Location

UK, Europe and US

Efforts and Duration

15 days / 1 Man-month

Target Companies

Unique Verified Accounts 4500
Identified Technology Stacks: 350

Information sourced

For Accounts
Account Name, Vertical + Sub-vertical, Revenue, Employees, Country

Technology Stacks
ERP System, Finance Applications, Payment Software, Accounting and Billing Software


Information Technology Sector

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