ABM List For UK Based Fintech Company

Building an Account-based Marketing List Targeting the Addressable Market for a
UK based Fintech Company.


One of the key marketing challenges faced by the Fintech Companies is identifying a list of target accounts that meets their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) specifications. An ABM list of target accounts forms the basis for a successful marketing campaign as it contains a list of potential customers which are more likely to convert into sales.

Project Overview

As a part of an ongoing engagement, Zelite Solutions has recently provided Account-Based Marketing List Services to a UK based Fintech Company. The fintech company provides a fast and flexible platform for lenders, retailers and channel partners to deliver retail finance. The company wanted us to build a list of target accounts which fulfils the following criteria:

Target accounts should be financial institutions such as banks, neo banks and specialist lenders across 10 European nations.

Target accounts (financial institutions) should

  • operate in multiple geographies, 
  • offer consumer loans with an unsecured lending > £50m for the financial year ending 2020
  • offer retail finance solutions with merchant distribution channels.


  • Reading multilingual balance sheets and annual reports, of each of the financial institution to determine their unsecured lending value and annual revenue is a complex process.
  • Identifying if the financial institutions have merchant distribution channels to offer consumer lending was another challenge 


Zelite Solutions implemented a bespoke secondary research methodology to identify the list of target accounts as per the ICP specifications. 

The entire requirement was split into sub-parts. 

  • In total, 5000 Financial Institutions were researched, from which almost 3500 balance sheets were examined to identify the addressable accounts. 
  • Post to which unsecured lending values were determined with annual revenue.
  • Institution websites, press releases were researched to identify the retail finance technology platform implemented by the banks.

Thus, Zelite Solutions was able to identify and deliver the target accounts list, which matched exactly with ICP as specified by the client. 

Further insights such as retail finance market sizing and unsecured lending value in the target region helped our client to establish appropriate marketing strategies.

Target Industry

  • Banks
  • Neo Banks
  • Specialist Lenders

Services Provided

  • Target ABM List 
  • Financial Insights
  • Technology Insights

Exclusive Research Criteria

Financial Institutions

  • Having Merchant Distribution Channel
  • Unsecured Consumer Lending >= £50m
  • Has Retail Finance Solutions
  • Operating in Multiple Countries


Target Account List along with Financial and Technology Insights

Engagement Model

Time and Material



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