Research Scientist Database

50000 Verified Research Scientist Database for a IoT based Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company created in six months

Project Synopsis

Our client manufactures IoT based medical equipment which are used in Speech Language pathology & research. They wanted to find database all research professionals working directly in the field of Speech pathology while avoiding the Speech Pathologist practioners.

Zelite’s team was able to search institutions and organisations working in this research field across three regions and then further curate the data to find people with specific designations as requested by client. We were able to provide them verified 50000 records in six months of time in a the form of excel spreadsheet and online database.


Communication Sciences and disorders, Swallowing disorders, Speech and Language Disorders, Clinical Language Science, Aphasia, Sluttering/Stammering, Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Neuroscience.

Efforts and Duration

6 month / 12 man-months

Services Provided

Secondary Web Research

Information to be sourced

Organisation Name, Organisation’s website, Board Line Number, mailing address, city, county/state, Country, Postal Code, First Name, Last Name, Staff Title, Direct Email address, Direct Phone (optional)


Speech Language Pathology or Speech Research

Geographical Location

Canada, Europe, USA

Staff Titles to be sourced

Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Scientist, Senior Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, Postdoctoral Scientist, Researchers, Chair/Head/Director of Departments and Professors

Target Companies

Research Institutes, Universities and Colleges and Research Institutions

Unique verified contacts delivered

50,000 verified records

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