UI/UX Redesign and Website Customization

UI/UX Redesign and Customizations for a UAE based ultra luxury property website

About Client

The Client is Dubai’s luxurious real estate company, which holds two Guinness World Records: the world’s highest outdoor infinity pool and the highest occupied skybridge. One of their properties AddressBeach offers luxurious serviced apartments as well as residential apartments.


Luxury Real Estate

Efforts and Duration

Time and Material 


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress CMS, MySQL Database, Software’s: Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Time Required

3 calendar months


UI/UX Redesign and Website Customizations Services

The Need​

The client had the following requirements:

  1. Customize the existing website to make it compatible with Arabic content.
  2. Redesign the website in terms of look and feel and add more features to the website.

The Solution Offered

1. In order to make the website compatible with Arabic content, Zelite team analyzed the entire website and understood the complexity involved. 

Client’s existing website is built with WordPress as a CMS platform. By default, WordPress does not support use of multiple languages on the site. As per client requirement, the existing website needs to be compatible with Arabic Language.

The Arabic language has a few impacts on website design, but the biggest is that it is read right to left, rather than left to right. This makes the optimal site layout more of a reverse image of the site in western languages and call to action need to be repositioned. 

While designing multilingual websites, fonts need to be selected carefully that can be used across all websites for consistent branding and appearance. Further care needs to be taken in choosing the font for the company’s branding to ensure that it can be used across languages both online and offline.

The Zelite team managed these challenges carefully and came up with optimal solutions to overcome them. Necessary plugins and code were added to existing websites in order to make it compatible with Arabic language.

2. As a part of website redesigning, Zelite team made some changes to the existing website theme and added more features to meet client’s requirements. The changes made by Zelite Team were as follows:

  • Change in current font size and style
  • Customization of header and footer 
  • Addition of Arabic Content provided by the client to the respective pages of the website
  • Addition of the “Contact Us” page to the website to receive inquiries and feedback from website visitors/prospects
  • Addition of email notification feature using email servers and SMS gateways to receive an email alert as soon as an inquiry is received
  • Addition of Download Brochure functionality to the website
  • Addition of 360 virtual tours on the website to improve user experience
  • Integration of the website with Google Maps to help customers to get directions to the business
  • Integration of the website with Google Analytics and enabling default reports to analyze the website traffic and performance
  • Addition of Language switcher to the website (from English to Arabic and vice versa)
  • Use of responsive images and videos to make the website responsive
website 2
Website in English Version Menu

Fig. 1 Website in English Version

Website in Arabic Version
Website in Arabic Version Menu

Fig. 2 Website in Arabic Version


  • As the website was made compatible with the Arabic language, the client achieved website translation into Arabic language and website localization. Thus, the client gained a competitive advantage, increased customer base, and sales revenue. 
  •  Website redesigning resulted in updated content, refreshing layouts, improved navigations for better performance, improved branding, and improved search rankings.
  • Responsive web design improved mobile search engine visibility, reduced bounce rate, and increased mobile traffic. 
  • Addition of more features like google maps, 360 virtual tours enhanced the user experience.

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