Migrating SharePoint Documents to Dynamics 365 Sales

Zelite collaborates with USA’s largest shipping company to migrate documents from SharePoint On-premises to Dynamics 365 Sales in the Notes Entity

Migrating SharePoint to Dynamics 365 CRM

About Client

The client is a highly-ranked marine towing and transportation company operating tugs, barges, and ferries on the U.S. East Coast. They continue to be an innovative force for the past 150 years in ship docking, general harbor towing, coastal towing, and bulk transportation marine transportation.


Maritime Transportation


Migration of SharePoint on-Premises Documents to Dynamics 365 Sales



Total Users: 40


Engagement Model

Time and Material


Microsoft Dynamics 365 SDK

  • Common Data Service Configuration Migration Tool
  • Plugin Registration Tool
  • .Net Core Console App

Current Phase

Live & Under Support Contract

Data Size

  • Documents: 3000
  • Documents File Size: 2.5 GB

Client Requirement

The client was using SharePoint On-premises to manage their documents related to contracts, deals, correspondence, etc. in an effort to streamline their sales process. The company wanted to migrate these documents to the Dynamics 365 Sales environment and eliminate SharePoint’s dependency on storing documents by consolidating them into one system. 

In order to migrate over 3,000 documents with associated accounts, each document needed the ability to maintain tags such as contract, deal, correspondence, etc., along with a description. Moreover, each account could have multiple documents associated with it and a separate view, allowing users to search and download documents from the ribbon bar.

Zelite worked to provide a seamless migration solution while also ensuring that all metadata associated with each document was accurately preserved.



The on-premises SharePoint was integrated with Dynamics CRM Customer Engagement. To perform the migration process to Dynamics 365 Sales, it was necessary to identify the account records using GUID/Name and associate the corresponding documents.

To migrate the documents from SharePoint On-premises to Dynamics 365 Sales in the Entity using annotation, the following steps were taken:

Assessment: The first step was to assess the documents that needed to be migrated. This involved identifying the types of documents, their size, and the metadata associated with each document.

Mapping: Zelite identified accounts using Name/GUID and mapped them to the corresponding records in Dynamics 365 Sales. This mapping helped ensure that the documents were stored in the correct location and with the appropriate metadata.

Migration: After the assessment and mapping were completed, the documents were migrated from SharePoint On-premises to Dynamics 365 Sales using a custom-developed tool that allowed for bulk migration. The custom migration tool identified the tag of each document and updated its metadata.

Verification: We verified the documents to ensure successful migration and accurate metadata association with accounts. Any issues identified were promptly addressed.

Training: Finally, the sales team underwent training on how to access and utilize the migrated documents in Dynamics 365 Sales environment.



By migrating their documents from SharePoint On-premises to Dynamics 365 Sales in the custom entity, helped the company manage documents without SharePoint. The sales team could easily access and manage the contracts, deal sheets, and correspondence, which helped them eliminate their Dependency on SharePoint. Additionally, the metadata associated with each document enabled the team to quickly locate and retrieve the documents they needed. Overall, the migration to Dynamics 365 Sales was a success and helped the company improve its sales process.

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