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RA, a well-renowned government education institution collaborates with Zelite to manage their customer data with a custom web application

About Client

Right from its inception in 2013, RA has offered its customers a dual learning approach. They focus on both educational aspects and vocational training. Their range of courses aligns well with the set standards and recommended practices. All the courses in their portal are sought-after even by well-established organizations.

The major goal of this academy is to raise the knowledge graph of individuals interested in subjects like integrated emergency management, business continuity management, homeland security, and many more. Getting a certification in these programs ensures that individuals will get great career opportunities. Moreover, RA’s faculty are exceptional and have pursued their education at esteemed universities worldwide.

Apart from other features, RA focuses on recognizing the individual’s past learning experiences. Based on prior learning, they recommend and then teach the selected course.




JavaScript, ASP, .Net, C#, MSSQL Server 2016, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap (Responsive), HTML, MVC framework, Web-API, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Engagement Model

Time and Material


Customer Portal using On-Premise Deployment of MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract

Time Required

6 month

Client Requirement

RA already had legacy applications in place, which facilitated managing several processes in silos. Despite this, they faced some issues in serving their clientele well. The major one was following a long, sophisticated process for course finalization, employee enrollment, course delivery, certificate generation, etc. 

To mitigate such issues, they were in dire need of a custom web application that would allow their customers to add online inquiries, update the CRM and simultaneously allow students as well as organizations to view certificates and status. Aside from this, RA has multiple clients who require training services for their employees. 

Under such cases, RA needed to provide a customer portal to the organizations to add training requirements for their employees along with details and track the training schedule and completion date status. Those organizations also needed a Portal where they could analyze the performance of the employees in every training module conducted. 

The above issue was amongst many hurdles in their journey toward serving their clientele. To help them, Zelite Solutions came up with a sought-after solution. 

Solution Offered

To give an optimal platform to the RA clients who are specifically organizations, Zelite Solutions proposed a solution considering all the parameters. The devised solution was to develop a Custom Web Application called a Customer Portal.

Zelite used the following technologies to develop different features and sections of the custom web application:

    ● ASP.Net, C#
    ● Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
    ● MVC framework
    ● Web-API for integration with Payment Gateway
    ● MSSQL Server 2016 as backend
    ● jQuery/CSS/Bootstrap (Responsive)/HTML for the design component

The Solution

Customer Portal – Custom Web Application

Using the above technologies, Zelite developed the Customer Portal, which ensures full access to the client admins, assessors, verifiers, students, etc. It contains the following features:

 ● The admin responsible for adding an inquiry in the customer portal becomes the organizational admin of the respective company in the portal.

 ● The admin gets credentials such as UserID and password once the inquiry he added gets finalized and the payment is released.

 ● The admin has permission to add more employees to the current courses. Moreover, the admin can also apply for new courses or RPL for the organization’s employees.

 ● All those employees who applied for the defined courses are completely visible to the customer portal admin. Along with this, the portal facilitates checking the current course calendar and course status.

 ● Admin has the right to view employee performance in exams after course completion. The admin can also download employees’ exam certificates from the Custom Web Application.

 ● Admin possesses the right to log into the customer portal anytime and have a look at the following features:

     ● Checking their profile
     ● Student data
     ● Course data
     ● Course Calendar
     ● Course instructor details
     ● Course brief details
     ● Student Attendance
     ● Add leaves
     ● Payment status
     ● Upload documents of prior learnings
     ● Course certificates for students
     ● RPL certificates
     ● Communicate with Admin or Instructor
     ● Communicate with the Assessor/Verifier
     ● Access chat functionality
     ● Apply for new course/RPL

The Custom Web Application developed by Zelite Solutions gives organizations as well as their employees 24/7 access to all the details. This includes checking the history of applied courses – attended, completed, and more. In the Portal, the proposed features were implemented in just six months while addressing the challenges faced by the client. The major challenges were related to having one common platform for RA’s effective organization and sales management.


Due to the deployment of the Customer Portal, RA reaped the following benefits: 

  ●The long sophisticated cycle of catering to the demands of the organizations became short and streamlined. 

 ●Previously, RA lacked a portal where organizations could access all course information at any time. Their problem was perfectly resolved after the development of the Custom Web Application.

  ●The RA sales team can now convert leads to potential customers in significantly less time. Prior to this, the process was not streamlined. 

  ●After removing all the obstacles, RA now excels at serving its plethora of organization clients. 

  ●The sales team can now communicate & adhere well to their client requirements

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