Advanced Planning and Scheduling System

Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) custom built for Amtek Auto Group company which was deployed at plant level, national and global level in three phases.

About Client (Amtek Group):

The client is a group company of Amtek Auto Group which is the second largest manufacturer of forged automotive components, cold forged parts and high tensile fasteners in India. Its product portfolio consists of a range of components for 2/3 wheeler’s, cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) and stationary engines.


Manufacturing, Forging


Bespoke Application Development

Engagement Model

Fixed & Ongoing

Efforts and Duration

2.5 Years / 42 man-months


.NET Technology MySQL, DevExpress, Microsoft PowerBI, Sencha

Solution offered

Zelite offered Solution to design, develop and implement a bespoke application using .Net Technology and CBS (constraint-based Programming). The entire project deployment was divided into 3 phases viz. Pune Plant Deployment, India level Deployment and Global Deployment. The entire project was completed in November 2013.

Current Phase

All 3 Phases Deployed and currently under support contract

The Need

The forging division of Client had a requirement for rolling our Advanced Planning and Scheduling to primarily help their plant managers to simplify and automate the Planning and Scheduling Process thus resulting in deriving to optimal production plans, increased customer satisfaction and use of advance methods of just-in-time production and inventory controls.

The Solution

Zelite provided a bespoke APS system including; design, development, Installation and Implementation of Advanced Planning and Scheduling System. The APS primarily includes Master Planning and scheduling for complex planning & scheduling activities – especially those that are heavily constrained or require multi-Advanced Planning and Scheduling, resulting in optimized plans and schedules. This is achieved by properly pre-defining alternatives, objectives, and constraints for the various planning problems and by using optimization planning methods. The functionalities of APS system include, Capacity Planning, Route Exploding, Scheduling and optimization, Planning Capabilities, Constraint Management and analysis and execution control. The APS model has been designed by focusing on 4 Major components – Configuration, Customer Order, Planning and Scheduling and Output.


  • APS generates output by considering actual organizational level constraints and creating accurate-real time plans and schedules
  • Provides production, planning, purchasing, and management the information to plan and control manufacturing – a real time view to all the users
  • Synchronizing overall business planning and forecasting to detail operations
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing inventory to minimal levels resulting in Cost Savings
  • Increasing productivity
  • Clear visibility in-terms of planned Vs actual production and addressing constraints
  • Real-time tracking of progress of each order based on its process stages
  • Applying theory of constraints practically
  • Support – Decision Making in production planning

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