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Businesses need to let their users access their core applications quickly and easily. With HTML5, the browser is becoming the main business platform. Features like websockets, offline storage and rich user interface let you create amazing business web applications. HTML5 brings substantial benefits for companies that no other IT model can — in simplicity, cost, security, flexibility and mobility. HTML5 has the potential to change the web for the better.

HTML5 has provided a significant evolution in web mark up languages. Some of the benefits linked with the use of HTML5 technology include improved semantics, reduced redundancies, and a reduction of the need to do complex scripting to complete standard tasks. Zelite has a team of talented HTML5 developers, who stay ahead of the curve and can build rich and powerful HTML5 based web applications.

The top level advantages of HTML5 developments are

  • Highly Compatible: HTML5 is highly compatible to the majority of browsers including IE9, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Play your multimedia: HTML5 allows you to play videos, animations, drawings, and music on the page itself. You do not have to use any add-ons such as Flash and Silverlight, the way that most video sites are doing now.
  • Geolocation: HTML5 supports geolocation, making location directly available on any compatible browser or application.
  • Offline database: HTML5 also brings with it an SQL-based database that allows those in the client side to store data on their computers.
  • Work your applications offline: With the offline application cache, users can still use and access their applications even when they are not connected to their networks.