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AJAX is a combination of several existing technologies that are used in a new and fresh way. It is an acronym for asynchronous JavaScript & XML. Ajax enables asynchronous behaviour on website without the need to refresh web pages.

Ajax is a group of interrelated web development techniques, which is useful in interactive as well as user-friendly web application development or rich Internet application development. In today’s ever changing internet world, interactive and quick web application development is the requirement, and for this, Ajax is the perfect answer because it reduces the page loading requirements. With this Ajax technology, web applications can recover the data from the server in the background without hampering the display and pattern of the existing page. Ajax is a cross-platform technique, which can be used on many different operating systems, like, computer architectures, web browsers, and is based on open standards, such as JavaScript and the DOM. The biggest advantage of Ajax is, you save time and bandwidth with it because you are not required to refresh the entire web page, as you do in classic web page.

Ajax Development Team Specialties at Zelite

Ajax programming technology has entirely changed and redefined the user’s experience on the browser. Zelite is the leading web development company providing professional Ajax development services. We have well-qualified, committed and expert professional Ajax programmer / developer team who will work on your Ajax development projects according to your needs & requirements. Our developers have expertise in developing enterprise class web solutions using Ajax technology.