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Web-Selft Customer Portal

ServiceOne is a Web self-service portal exclusively designed and developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal is aimed to empower the customer with enterprise knowledge quickly accessible to the customers and enabling them to perform related activities with ease. ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal is an interactive platform which enables you to meet customer expectations by allowing you to engage and interact with customers, understand their expectations, answer their queries and take action on the issues. It also enables you to share enterprise knowledge base with your customers and keep them enriched with the latest information.

ServiceOne Web Self-Service brings a unified brand experience in an easy-to-configure portal, allowing organizations to reduce interactions with more costly customer service channels. ServiceOne comes with two solutions ServiceOne Native and ServiceOne Hybrid. Each of these comes with two deployment options – On Premise & Online. The architecture of both the solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To know more about ServiceOne, please visit our dedicated website for ServiceOne. www.serviceoneportal.com

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