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Our cutting-edge technology solutions have helped many companies maximize business returns from IT and engineering investments. We leverage our Business-to-IT Connect and deeply committed people to offer our clients sharper solutions deployment skills, pre-tested domain specific solutions and customized business solutions capabilities.

In the broad area of manufacturing, whether it is food & beverages, forest, paper & packaging, textiles or miscellaneous manufacturing, business process optimization is a key success factor. The operating environment is characterized by intense competition; customers demand better products, greater variety and higher delivery performance. Supply chain integration and innovative ways to collaborate are needed to enhance performance. In doing so, manufacturing companies must plan how to use raw materials economically and produce timely quality products, while at the same time planning by-products, co-products and final packaging size of market-ready finished goods. Zelite understands these challenges and offers a variety of planning solutions.

Zelite helps in bringing innovative solutions to clients that not only drive effectiveness and efficiency, but that also leverage the three forces driving the future of work: globalization, virtualization, and cloud technologies. Working with our team of technology experts, you can harness these forces today– even if your manufacturing and engineering operations are spread around the globe.

By moving beyond outdated systems and product-centric approaches that are the industry norm, we can help you build a sustainable competitive advantage. You can soon realize the benefits of collaborative manufacturing management as we help you enhance and integrate shop-floor, enterprise and product lifecycle systems. You will speed time to market and cut operating costs while improving key operational metrics like quality, agility, flexibility and regulatory compliance.

From product design through to product manufacturing, our service offerings and deep vertical market expertise are more than a match for tough business challenges — like increasing costs, declining productivity and marginal customer service. By delivering solutions across the manufacturing value chain, our global team of technology consultants can help you improve your operations.

For manufacturing segment, Zelite offers following services

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Operations Management Software Solutions
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Planning and Scheduling Software Solutions
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Enterprise Solutions Implementation