Classeur : A eDMS DMS and Beyond

Our document management system is crafted to cater for all major industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, engineering and construction.

Each industry has a different set of document management needs; at Zelite, we focus on solving complex document management problems for diverse industries.

Classeur DMS help companies to manage, process and collaborate on large volumes of project documents and information. This software reduces information management risks by ensuring teams adhere to organizational policies and procedures and maintain quality standards. In addition, Classeur DMS is highly customizable, meeting the unique requirements of each project while supporting the institutional policies and governance requirements of the entire organization’s document management needs.

    Document Management System

    Classeur DMS is a highly customizable application designed to control, review, validate and approve large volumes of documents in a fail-safe environment. Our DMS meets the unique requirement of eachproject while supporting the institutional policies and governance requirements of the entire company. Classeur DMS is developed in accordance with ISO QMS standards that allows you to work on the documents both online and offline.

    Engineering Document Management System

    EDMS is designed specifically for EPC sector catering to Oil and Gas and Engineering companies.   It is equipped with automated business processes and advance collaboration tools. The document management is fully automated and thus reduces any errors. eDMS is available as an on-premise solution as well as a hosted / SaaS solution.

    Salient Features

    Security and Access

    The documents can be accessed, viewed, edited, or approved based on the access rights provided to the user.  While 2 factor authentication adds additional layer of security.  The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature allows users to access multiple applications and allows them to upload files securely, with automated email notifications to all the stake holders.

    Document Library

    This in-built feature helps the user create different projects, search, sort, and filter documents using tags & metadata.  Creator / admin can make these documents public or private, invite multiple users to co-author which eases collaboration and review process to a great extent.

    Version Control

    This feature replaces the dependency on individuals for retaining older versions and saving a new version with a systematic, automated approach to store document versions. In addition, the document life cycle is recorded for review and regulatory compliance.  It allows major and minor versioning and also Document check-in and check-out time.

    Engineering Workflow

    This eDMS Feature provides an effective workflow through activities that create and use engineering data across the product life-cycle.  It is not limited to only technical activities, but also helps in activities like documentation, qualification, and business control.

    Integration Capabilities

    • CAD Connectors

    • AutoCAD® Connector

    • SolidWorks® Connector

    • DocuSign Integration

    • MS Projects Integration

    • MS SharePoint

    Capabilities Beyond

    Engineering Capabilities

    Get more from Classeur Document Management System by extending it with its engineering document management capabilities, an essential part of your Engineering Documentation processes.

    Engineering Document Management

    A gateway for all your engineering document needs, allowing you to effectively search and manage complex engineering documents – including drawings, CAD files, technical documents and correspondence documents.

    Correspondence Management

    Extend Classeur Document Management System with correspondence management, allowing you to capture and record all your correspondences, including information about sender, recipients, and return dates.

    Master Document List (MDL)

    Seamlessly control your engineering – Master Document List and automate each of your document processes using workflow with a checklist and capture its Real-time status.

    Transmittals and Submittals

    Automate your processes for receiving/ collection, validating, and classifying incoming/ outgoing documents.

    Visual Workflows

    Check document status using a visual workflow, enabling you to review and approve engineering deliverables and progress tracking efficiently.

    Procedure Scheduling and Reporting

    Easily configure simple to complex workflows with multistep processes with scheduled deadlines and monitor your document procedures.

    Drawing Markup

    Empower your users to collaborate simultaneously over the drawing documents and files

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