Website Hosting Migration Case Study

Migrating WordPress Website to a New Hosting for UAE based Real Estate Company

About Client

The Client is Dubai’s luxurious real estate company, which holds two Guinness World Records: the world’s highest outdoor infinity pool and the highest occupied skybridge. One of their properties AddressBeach offers luxurious serviced apartments as well as residential apartments.


Luxury Real Estate

Efforts and Duration

Time and Material 


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress CMS, MySQL Database, Software’s: Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Time Required

6 calendar days


Website Hosting Migration Services

The Need​

The client’s website was developed with WordPress as a CMS platform.  For security and flexibility reasons, the client decided to go for hosting migration. The client was looking for a migration partner who can help them with hosting migration from a third party cloud hosting provider(Google Cloud) to a dedicated hosting server (GoDaddy).

The Solution Offered

The migration of a website involves shifting it from one host or server to another. A website migration process can seem challenging, but if organized well, it can save time in the long run.

The client wanted to shift website hosting from Google Cloud platform to GoDaddy dedicated server hosting platform.

Before starting the migration process, the Zelite team prepared a migration checklist and plan. Planned migration minimized the impact of the migration. 

The Zelite team prepared migration checklist and implemented migration process as follows:

  • New Account Setup : New hosting account( GoDaddy) was set up before the migration process started. 
  • Website Backup: Backup of the entire website was taken to ensure website recovery in case of any failure during the migration process.
  • Block Access to New Website: Access to the new website was blocked to avoid inconvenience to website visitors and search engines using password protection method and adding no-index tag in robot.txt file.
  • SSL Configuration: For using https protocol for the website, a new SSL certificate was purchased and configured for the website.
  • Moving Data: The manual method was selected for the process of migration. All the important files and database were moved to the RIGHT folder i.e. root folder. The zelite team ensured that all the databases were imported and the wp-config file was configured correctly with new credentials for the database.
  • DNS Check: After moving all files and databases, it was ensured that name servers of the domain point to new servers.
  • Link Redirection: It is an important step in terms of search engine optimization. Necessary steps were taken to ensure proper URL structure for the website. The Zelite team ensured that old links point to new links. Proper redirection methods like 301 were used to maintain link juice and other search engine optimization metrics. The complete website was checked for the presence of any 404 pages and their proper redirection. 
  • Testing : The new server and new environment was tested before terminating the old server. This was done to fall back to the old server if something goes wrong during the migration process. All pages on websites were tested thoroughly before the migration process. After successful testing, the website was migrated to a new hosting environment.


A key advantage of dedicated servers is their ability to be customized, which is not possible with cloud hosting. Dedicated servers can be optimized to support high levels of web traffic for eCommerce, media, publishing, promotions, and more. Due to the migration to the dedicated server, the client received the following benefits:

      1. No more sharing of resources: By choosing a dedicated hosting server, the client gets complete access to full resources on the server. The client does not need to worry about other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM.
      2. Enhanced Performance and Security: Choosing a dedicated hosting provider guaranteed maximum uptime for the website.It helped to boost website performance. With a dedicated server, the website space was no more shared with a malicious website or a potential spammer. This improved the security of the website. 
      3. More Customization and Flexibility: The dedicated server allowed the client to have a customizable server environment that fits their needs. They can choose the platform and software they really need, allowing more control over how their dedicated server is configured.
      4. Unique IP Address: With a dedicated server, the client got its own unique IP address. This is important for websites that need SSL for credit card processing.

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