Robotic Process Automation

Zelite solutions implement Robotic Process Automation to help Siemens Energy, an energy company, complete the mundane and repetitive tasks typically performed by humans.


RPA is a software technology that enables software robots to mimic human actions and interact with digital systems and software. Human operations take time, require money to accomplish, and are prone to human mistakes because of their repeated nature. RPA is a solution for these operations, implemented as a “digital workforce” that can execute these activities faster, cheaper, and error-free than humans. Moreover, it can do so virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Client

Siemens Energy is an energy company formed by the spin-off of Siemens Group’s former Gas and Power division, with headquarters in Munich, Germany, which retains a 67% stake in Siemens Gamesa.


Energy Sector

Efforts and Duration

Provide end to end robotic automation solutions.


UI Path Tool

Time Required

1 year


Robotic Automation solutions.

The Need​

Humans make mistakes generally associated with repeating the same tasks repeatedly. Therefore, human errors are a major contributing factor in case of mishappenings. Besides equipment failure, ignorance, negligence, carelessness, and dereliction of duty have led to incidents and must be corrected.

The Solution

For Siemens Energy, Zelite Solutions provided end-to-end implementation of the UI Path Tool, a part of Robotic Process Automation, to understand the end-to-end tasks like client requirements, process, and development. RPA is sometimes referred to as a no-code solution because it may be applied on top of existing systems. It’s called so because it works at the user interface or “surface” level, which means it uses business processes the same way a human would. In addition, the RPA tool is designed to work with multiple systems simultaneously. For example, the RPA tool can copy and paste data between systems, extract data from documents and text, input it into other systems, and engage with customers through a Chatbot application.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  1. Accelerated transformation- 63% say RPA is a significant component in digital transformation among global executives.
  2. Major cost saving- RPA drives rapid, significant improvement to business metrics across industries and worldwide.
  3. Greater resilience- RPA robots can quickly ramp up to match workload peaks in response to significant spikes in demand.
  4. Higher accuracy- RPA reduces manual errors, according to 57% of respondents.
  5. Improved compliance- The majority of respondents agree that RPA has met or exceeded expectations in improving compliance
  6. Boosted productivity- Globally, 68% of workers believe automation will increase productivity.
  7. More value from personnel- 60% of executives agree that RPA enables them to focus on more strategic tasks
  8. Happier employees- Executives say 57% of RPA projects increase employee engagement.

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