Offshore Project Management

Zelite Solutions Engages with Globally Recognized Wirtgen Group for offshore IT project management ,reducing costs and complexity

About Client

Wirtgen Group founded in 1961 at Germany is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector.  With an enormous presence globally and having accomplished over 25 years in India, they provide the most innovating solutions & technologies in the Road building, Road rehabilitation & Mineral Technologies machinery field




Offshore IT Team Staffing

Engagement Model

Remote Staff Augmentation

Efforts and Duration

3 Months / 2 man-months


Microsoft SharePoint, PowerApps

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract

Solution Offered

Wirtgen decided to give outsourcing a try having witnessed several companies benefitting from the same. Zelite Solutions partnered with them, understood their entire project requirement and sourced the best team for the entire length of the project. Wirtgen’s team included:

  • CRM Developer
  • SharePoint & .NET Developers
  • Software Architect
  • Designers

The Solution

  • Zelite Solutions engaged the right IT professionals from their huge IT talent pool.
  • Weir Group partnered with Zelite Solutions for offshoring of skilled PowerApps, SharePoint professionals.
  • Zelite enabled the team with Secure remote access VPN so that Wirtgen can allow remote staff to work in a secured environment
  • We helped Wirtgen with time sheet management application based on which Wirtgen was able to identify the working time of the team and can relate their performance accordingly
  • We helped Wirtgen to develop an agile system with the remote staff, which in turn enabled gave them more flexibility during the entire engagement
  • We also provided our Project Manager which helped the Wirtgen team and project managers to closely monitor the progress and shuffle the team if needed
  • Understanding the seriousness of the project Zelite always kept additional taskforce on hand in case of any leave of absence, hence delivering the project in time
  • We enabled Wirtgen team with multiple reports and scorecards which helped them to trace the performance of the remote working staff.
  • Provided the remote staff an environment to work from home so that there is minimum impact on the deliverables during troubled times


  • Wirtgen developed an improved Internal Business Structure by partnering with Zelite Solutions for their remote IT staffing
  • Wirtgen was able reduce IT costs and manual complexity up to 80% by partnering with Zelite Solutions for their remote staff augmentation.
  • Zelite solutions not only provided an incredibly talented offshore IT team but also seamlessly integrated the team with the onsite project managers making it easier for Data Dynamics to scale and achieve a higher ROI.
  • With the use of a collaboration and time management tool provided by Zelite Solutions, Wirtgen was able to have constant connect with the offshore team involved, thus increasing productivity and achieving higher ROI.

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