Microsoft Power BI: Transforming Business Insights

A leading Medical Device firm in Finland hires Zelite to build Microsoft Power BI Solution to visualise their sales, financial, and inventory data.

About the Client

The Client is a medical device firm established in Finland that focuses on delivering beauty through technology. They provide premium aesthetic equipment and products, with a dedication to guaranteeing perfection in their high-quality solutions that distinguish their businesses. They specialise in non-invasive procedures, aesthetic products, anti-ageing treatments, and beauty clinic equipment.

The Need

They needed a system that would assist them in quickly gathering, analysing, publishing, and sharing sales, finance, and inventory business data into visual reports. This would then let them make decisions based on perceptual data.

The client wanted to integrate their various data sources into a data model so that they could make charts and graphs. A technology that would translate the massive volumes of data being generated into valuable visual insights.

The Solution

Zelite Solutions designed a Microsoft Power BI solution that enabled the creation of bespoke reports. The following criteria were used to create sales, inventory, and finance reports.

Product Sales Report

  • Region
  • Business unit
  • Year & Month
  • Customers
  • Sales user
  • Brand

Finance Report

  • P&L Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Inventory Report

  • Customer Aging report

CRM Report

Customer Visit Report

Efforts and Duration

6 month / 12 man-months


Microsoft Power BI Service, SAP HANA, MS Excel, .Net, Microsoft Power BI Gateway


Medical Equipment

Geographical Location

HQ – Finland


Engagement Model:

Time and Material

Clients Severed Globally


Microsoft Power BI


Zelite found that Microsoft Power BI was the best business intelligence solution based on the client’s needs.

The reports included the following user-friendly visualisations for business users: 

  • The reports maintained region and organisational level security. 
  • The data provided is rigorously analysed to ensure that it meets the business needs. 
  • Shareholders can quickly examine past sales data and trends.
  • A full examination of Medica products is readily available.
  • Geographic data representation is offered to various stakeholders.

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