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Zelite assists RA in facilitating their sales cycle by leveraging the benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM

About Client

Right from its inception in 2013, RA has been a pioneer in offering different learning solutions. They coach their students and organization employees using the dual learning approach, which is an amalgamation of vocational and academic courses. RA promotes interactive learning environments for the students and their other esteemed clientele.

While offering different learning solutions, RA fully complies with the required practices and established standards. As a result, RA is hailed as the first educational institute based in UAE to give their students par-excellence learning opportunities.

The academy’s major focus is helping individuals level up their knowledge in different subjects such as security, emergency preparedness, and the defence sector. The range of popular courses that RA offers includes Business Continuity Management, Integrated Emergency Management, Policing & Security, Intelligence Analysis, Homeland Security, Crime Scene, Policing & Security Leadership, and Defence & Security.

After getting certification in any of these courses, one becomes eligible to leverage the available opportunities to build a professional career path in the private or public sectors. RA’s faculty is extensively trained and qualified to cater to these requirements.





Power BI, ERP, VA Portal (Custom Solution), AD Pay (Payment Integration Gateway), SCS (Learning Management Solution)Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Engagement Model

Time and Material


Customized solution for the Sales and Marketing department using Dynamics 365 CRM

Current Phase

Live & under Support Contract

Time Required

6 month

Client Requirement

RA needed a CRM solution to help them manage the admin portal effortlessly. Currently, they have two different portals, which go by the name Customer Portal and Student Portal. The student portal is meant for individual students who wish to enrol in various courses and gain certification. On the other hand, the customer portal is intended for organizational clients who want to enrol their employees in different courses and programs.

They encountered several difficulties in keeping track of the client and student’s progress. As a result, they needed a CRM solution with all features and information at their fingertips to assist the sales and marketing teams in becoming more streamlined.

RA wanted comprehensive Customer Relationship Management software to track the customer journey thorough out. A CRM solution that would allow them to track everyone’s activities in the portal and cater to all of their various needs. The major motive for having a CRM was to respond to every query on time and reduce missing leads.

Some major issues faced by RA:

  1. Unable to streamline leads and keep a tab on the entire sales process.
  2. Not being able to trace the activities of the entities, such as students or customers, in Rabdan’s portal.
  3. They needed an interactive platform for effective management where almost every feature was available at their fingertips.

Zelite Solutions helped RA with its concerns by offering them Dynamics 365 CRM and a wide range of custom solutions that resonated well with their requirements.

Solution Offered

To cater to the requirements of RA, Zelite offered Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that facilitated delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensured smooth operational efficiency. Together, they help lower costs, decrease complexity and allow businesses to become more flexible. 

Moreover, the core skill set of Zelite’s tech team rendered a custom solution by adding all the sought-after functionalities and modifications to the CRM portal.

Based on their requirements, a range of features were included in the CRM module, facilitating thorough analysis and execution. 

In addition, the following portals were integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for for a smooth workflow: 

  • VA Portal (Custom Solution)
  • ERP 
  • SCS (Learning Management Solution)
  • AD Pay (Payment Integration Gateway)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - For a Smooth Sales Process

Dynamics 365 CRM a fully customized one-stop solution was designed and deployed for the VA portal along with SCS, ERP, and ADPay hosted in Rabdan’s data center.

Thorough integrations were made, which helped to drive more revenue by streamlining the sales and marketing processes. Furthermore, Power BI was successfully integrated into the developed CRM to level up reporting functionality and get a deeper insight into customer needs.

With the help of the newly developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the client was able to get a clear view of the sales process from start to end. Along with making the sales process more sorted and focused on rendering excellent after-sales support.

The sales support feature allows students and organizations to raise support tickets whenever they face issues using the web portal. After submitting the ticket, Dynamics 365 CRM automatically registers it. Later, the assigned support executive assists the individual in resolving the issues and closing the ticket. This way, the leads pass down through the pipeline quickly, and the client can close more deals in less time.

Zelite thoroughly comprehended Rabdan’s working process and prepared a detailed SRS document based on the information gathered.

The solution in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 prepared by Zelite has all the out-of-the-box features.

The following solutions were included on notice in Dynamics 365 CRM:

  • Finding the existing account/contact in CRM automatically and updating the new lead in the same account/contact.
  • Contains an automatic workflow to convert the lead to a potential customer on predefined rules.
  • Generating the quotation in the customer’s format automatically and sending it via email to the customer.
  • Updating the ticket status from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a custom web application.
  • Information in Rabdan’s software (custom web application) will automatically be reflected in the CRM.
  • Automatic generation of product-related enquiry form in the Dynamics 365 CRM when an entity generates a relevant enquiry in the custom web application.
  • After the respective entity makes the payment, the custom web application gets updated with the respective quotation details, along with an attachment containing the details.
  • The custom web application automatically gets updated whenever someone in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM changes the status or position of the enquiry generated.
  • It allows the students as well as the organizations to raise the support tickets directly from the custom web application, which are later passed on to the CRM. Later on, the assigned agents deal with resolving the tickets.

Final Words

Zelite developed a customized solution for the sales and marketing department of Rabdan in the form of Dynamics 365 CRM. Due to its implementation, the sales cycle is relatively reduced, and now the sales team can keep a tab on the client’s progress at different stages, making the sales process more streamlined.

RA is now able to leverage the automation feature of Dynamics 365 CRM and can easily view the entire customer journey in the CRM anytime to understand at which stage of the sale they are. The customizations made in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM have made customers and potential leads information scaling easier than imagined.

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