Account-Based Marketing Case Study

More than 100,000 verified records of account enrichment and contact enrichment's provided to UK Fintech Company in our ongoing engagement with them.

Project Synopsis

UK based Fin-tech company requires our ongoing services in account enrichment and contact enrichment for more than a year now. Also, we have been working for multilingual contact research for this client, the languages we deal are French, Spanish, German, Dutch etc.

Please see below examples of Account enrichment and Contact enrichment project briefs.

Account Enrichment Info

Account enrichment involves the process of researching company’s information e.g.; Legal Name of the company, Trading name of the company, Company Subsidiaries, Company headquarters, turnover, ear of establishment, company website, company’s social media links, Company address etc. This process does not include any individual employees or business owner’s details.

Project Brief - 1

For our fin-tech client we researched all the energy companies in France that sell Gas or Electricity or Both to end users.


Energy Suppliers

Services Provided

Secondary Web Research


Electricity & Gas Suppliers

Geographical Location

France, Spain, UK, Germany, ANZ

Efforts and Duration

2 Weeks / 1 month

Target Companies

Include websites that provide energy direct to end users and have their pricing structure listed on their websites.

Unique verified companies delivered

2500 Verified Companies

Information sourced

Legal name of the company, Trading name of the company, Type of supply, Turnover of the company, Website link, Group Company

Contact Enrichment Info

In contact enrichment we find all information about specific professionals working in specified industry and region. We research and collate information like Company Name, Company Address, Job Title, First Name, Last Name, Contact number, Direct email address, Company Board Direct Line, Direct Email address and more.

Project Brief - 2

In this contact enrichment project we researched professionals working in Spain with certain titles approved by our fin-tech client. We could deliver 3500 verified contacts in two weeks’ time frame.



Services Provided

Secondary Web Research


Electricity & Gas Suppliers



Efforts and Duration

2 Weeks / 3 man-months

Unique verified contacts delivered

3500 verified records

Information sourced

Contact Name, Contact Position, Contact Email, Website, Notes, Comments

Staff Titles to be sourced

Head of Operations, COO (Chief Operations Officer)
Directora De Operaciones (Operational manager)

We have been into an ongoing client relationship with this company where their Marketing head has appreciated our results in his testimonial below.

“Personally, I have had a very good experience in the period I have worked with Zelite, both in terms of quality of the data and the relationship with them.

We have used their data only for email marketing to business contacts. Also, we usually provide them with account lists we create from other data sources like D&B Hoovers.

Concerning the data, we have found a really high level of deliverability – around 95% (consider that some of the data was more than a month old when we used it).

We normally use tools to verify their data upfront and again, we have never had more than 1-1.5% of invalid emails. In fact, their data so far has proved to be better than the data of other specialised UK providers we have used.

Regarding the quality, I am very happy so far because we have managed to get more relevant data for the exact job titles we want. Again, with other providers that are proprietary of contact database, we found we couldn’t be as targeted as with Zelite.

Finally, usually the turnaround is very quick, they have good processes and are proactive in raising potential issues with the data. For instance, once I sent them a list plenty of subsidiaries of the same company (we only sell to headquarters usually) and they flagged it up which was great because it meant we didn’t buy and entered irrelevant data our database. They are also really accommodating on our needs – for example using our templates to send the data or sending different invoices for projects with different associated budgets.

I would definitely recommend them for email marketing activities.”

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