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Wireframing is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of an Application. Wireframing is a collaborative effort. We work closely with your stakeowners to minimize the gap between your requirements and our deliverables to ensure that nothing is missed out. As we kick off the business requirement gathering, a business analyst works closely with you and your key stakeowners to understand your business objectives and your strategic goals. The subsequent step is our distinguishing factor that makes us different from our competitors. We develop a prototype and submit a requirement study document so that you sign off on a proof of concept – a working model of nothing less than your visualization.

Software Wireframing and Prototyping

Once the specification and scoping is defined, our techno-functional expertise who have broad backgrounds in visual design, information architecture and user research, create wireframes for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish the business objectives and creative ideas. “A demonstrable system” is a great way to explain that prototypes are something that can be experienced. This technique is beneficial to our clients because they are able to view a working prototype and make suggestions on the final design before the product is delivered.

At Zelite, our process of Wireframes majorly focus on

  • The type of information displayed
  • The range of functions available
  • The relative priorities of the information and functions
  • The rules for displaying certain types of information
  • The result of different scenarios on the display

For the process of prototyping, involves the following steps

  • Identifying the basic requirements
  • Designing a basic prototype
  • End user review
  • Revise and enhance the prototype
  • Design the final prototype