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Confidentiality @ Zelite

At Zelite, our first priority is to ensure client information-security.

At Zelite, we treat confidentiality as more than a contract. We understand the importance of your company’s information such as data security, intellectual property—including business secrets, patents, sensitive information, and employee information. Hence, in all our processes, protecting your information-security is a vital parameter and is treated at a highest level of importance. We have implemented various steps in our information- security process to protect all your proprietary information, business secrets, data, software programs or any other.


Zelite is committed to ensure that all the information pertaining to its clients’ is secured; hence all the client information remains strictly confidential. As your trusted partner we will continually uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics in all of our operations to protect your vital information. In terms of preventing unauthorized access we have implemented various procedures to follow the information-security process to safeguard and secure our client information. Every Zelite employee, as a condition of employment, takes responsibility for protecting client privacy, confidentiality, and security. Appropriate controls are in place with respect to our computer systems, data and back-up procedures. As a one of our strict policies we shall never share your information, business related secrets, or media with any unauthorized third party. As a Zelite’s client, you will be the owner of all the information and assets related to you or your business, this can be any or all files, images, content, software and its back-end programming and that are mentioned in our contract.

Keeping Your Information Private

At Zelite we are committed to protect your information. We have implemented various procedures as a part of our information-security processes to keep our clients’ data private and secured. We have established and enforced information-security policies that help us with privacy regulations.

  • Identifying and prioritizing confidential information

    By categorizing types of information by value and confidentiality, we prioritize what data or information to secure first and as per contract with our clients. We primarily focus on protecting structured information which are finite areas and securing unstructured information such as contracts, client correspondence etc.,

  • Analyzing current information flows and performing risk assessment

    We analyze and understand current workflows, both procedurally and in practice, to see how confidential information flows around our organization. We identify the business processes that involve confidential information and do the in-depth examination by determining the areas having risk of leakage.

  • Determining information-distribution policies

    Based on the risk assessment, we craft distribution policies for various types of confidential information. These policies govern exactly who can access, use or receive which type of content and when, as well as oversee enforcement actions for violations of those policies.

  • Implementing a monitoring and enforcement system

    We have implemented various systems to monitor and enforce information-security policy ensuring that its adherence is vital to protect the confidential information assets. Control points are established to monitor information usage, verifying compliance with distribution policies and performing enforcement actions for violation of those policies.

  • Reviewing progress periodically

    For maximum effectiveness, we regularly review our systems, policies and training. By using the visibility provided by our monitoring systems, we constantly thrive to improve employee training, expand deployment and systematically eliminate vulnerabilities. In addition, we also have external audits which help us in checking for vulnerabilities and threats.